Review: Animal Hamilton PC's

I got my Animal Hamiltons and they are AWESOME! They are a little big and blocky but very very sturdy and surprisingly light. They have exilent grip. I road them today in wet conditions and they are very grippy. Over all very good pedals.


That was quite a long review :roll_eyes:

Still, thank you at least for writing SOMETHING. I think I may get them.

What do you mean by Blocky, by the way?

Did you try Odyssey Twisted PCs too? If yes, how do they compare? Also would be interesting to know what kind of abuse the pedals can handle. What style of riding are you going to use them for? Trials, street, flat, muni, freestyle, road? Keep us updated, when they break.

They are kinda square looking from the top. I am using them for trials/street. I have not used Odesseys.

I see. I’m asking because I got the odysseys but ended up putting them on my 29er out of fear of breaking them with a lot of hopping around and doing some drops. I do like the grip and everything, so maybe I’ll try them for more abusive riding too later on.