Reversing the frame

Qx frame, schlumlpf Hub and Spirit disc cranks… I’m using a D-brake, but I need it for another uni…
What about reversing the frame to use the brake tab of the Qx frame on the right?

It would be on the wrong side of the leg (front) with the flat surface also pointing the wrong direction. It might be possible running the caliper upside down and backwards with some machining, shims, custom bracket, and goofy cable routing… or you could just buy another d’Brake/weld on another mount.

At least my brake doesn’t like being used in reverse direction, so probably not the greatest idea.

No dbrake in Europe right now, nor willing to weld untill welding on the triton so qx frame is without dbrake now… my main concern was about braking power issue. The modding upside down brake is not difficult… so I’ll try

2 D-brake very good condition like new available. PM me if interested