Reversing Rails

Has anyone gotten into this. I’ve found any short stair case is pretty easy. But you don’t slide any of the rail, you tape the end go for about 6 inches, and hit the buttom. Hook me up if you’ve found a decent way to do it. Thanks for your time.

-Shaun Johanneson

Re: Reversing Rails

yaa i’ve seen you’re fakie handrail, guten schön.

Thanks Simon, lol. Ich denke auch, aber es ist sehr schwer, und ich will hilf. lol.

I don’t get this trick…?

Backwards handrail grind.

So just a 180 grind?

Not “just” Its crazy hard to do. Yes, a 180 into a hand rail.

so im guessing people have done these already but on flat ledges or handrails?? and how big have people taken them?

correct me if im wrong, but i belive they are talking about grinding UP the rail… Like starting at the bottom of the set, and grinding up, Right? I think ive seen somebody do this.

The first time i read it i thought he was riding up to the handrail backwards and doing a backwards rolling hop into a backwards grind down the rail. I think if its fakie, you go into it backwards but if you 180 into it then its a 180 handrail landing fakie (unless you 180 out of it too)

Riding forward, 180ing into sliding a handrail backwards. I think the record is a four set. It’s tricky stuff. If you want a clip, I have a clip of me sliding a four set. but yeah. That might help. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

yes please show us. so you hold the record

I hold the record with another, but yeah if you wanna see it just add me. lol. I love talking to other unicyclists. (again) lol

-Shaun Johanneson

is that your e mail or im address

e-mail address