Reverse pedals?

I was thinking and it seem silly to wear huge 661 4x4s mostly only to stop pedal bites :roll_eyes: .

Would it work if u had a reverse pedals? Spikes on ur shoes and rubber on the pedals :sunglasses:

Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue:

That would work, but you wouldnt want to use those shoes for conventional walking lol

Also, if the pedal was pure rubber, that wont cut it, maybe rubber spike, like really sticky rubber, and plastic pedals or metal ones without pins would work.

Like, if you ever went rock climbing before, those shoes have extreme amount of grip, very rubbery. So maybe get a pair of those and try them on a flat pedal, then there will be no need of pins anymore! muwahahaha!

aww forget that…if you dont like your sixsixones then dont wearem and suffer the consequences. the only riding your “spikey shoes” would work on is distance rideing because thats the only type where you dont dismount for very long periods of time or have to walk at all…all the other styles are ones where you dismount fairly often(planed or unplanned) so just wear your sixsixones with pride or wear your pedal bites with pride…its up to oyu.

Good call:D