REvErSe Ocho 8 Hour Edurance Race, Oct 1st, 2011, Tennessee

It’s back, but now it’s backwards :wink:

I rode this race last Spring, completed two laps in six hours, had a blast, very low key event, great trails, 100% rideable, mostly single track with some double track thrown in, no ashalt!!

If you’re in the area, join me and some buddies for this ride :slight_smile:

Race Details:

The course includes varied singletrack and doubletrack sections. It has a little bit of all types of terrain in it. The trails go from rocky to rooty to smooth and back again. There are tight twisty sections as well as wide-open doubletrack. The course is the reverse direction of the Ocho.

From the GPS info, the Course is 8.0 Miles with 970 ft of Elevation Gain per Lap. Edit: It’s probably closer to 8.7 miles, but who’s counting :wink:

Online Registration is available until 09-30-10
=>Day of Registration will be available for additional fee<=

Pre-Registration ends September 27th!
Shirts not guaranteed without Pre-Reg!

Registration Includes:
TN Cup Reuseable Cotton Bag
Ocho T-shirt [With Pre-Registration]
Infinit Nutrition Mix during the race
Infinit Nutrition Goodies
Post-race meal
Tasty adult beverages
Free Camping!
and much more to come!

The race will begin promptly at 9:00 AM, Eastern Time.
Check-in and registration will be available on site at the Start/Finish area between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM.

There will be a cutoff time for the last lap. Riders finishing after this time will not be allowed to continue onto the course for another lap. [~7.25 hours in]

Bike Lights may be necessary due to the timing of the race. Headlamps will be nice after the race is over as well.

hey may come out and watch no muni havent had the money to order one yet :frowning: juggling hobbies school and work is going to kill me

You said that last year :roll_eyes:

There’s nothing to watch, don’t waste your time coming out, unless you plan to ride.

So, anyone interested??

Still too early for me to get back to full blown MUni, especially an endurance race. With any luck I’ll be doing the 6/9 Hour race at Oak Mountain on November 12th. I should be ready to ride MUni by then. If not then I’ll find something to do next year. Hopefully the Dirt, Sweat & Gears 12 Hour will be back next May, tough course but real local to me. Good luck at the 8 hour!

Might be able to join you on that 12 hour, depends on when, let me take a peek at the details. 8 hours is a nice time frame, but 12 hours would be nice because I could take a rest and try for a second wind.

I’m going for three laps at the Reverse Ocho :slight_smile:

Nice! Good luck with your goal. That’s awesome.

Yeah I hope DSG12 will be back on for 2012, they canceled at the last minute this year. It’s been a wildly successful event so I’m sure it will be back on. If not, I’ll find some other event to do. It’s typically been in the first couple weeks of May (first or second weekend). I won’t lie, it is a challenging course, very hilly and with some good technical spots. This is one course where I’d think having longer cranks would be an asset! I think a 50km here would be a pretty good achievement (the loop is ~10+ miles), 4 or 5 laps would be legendary! I like the 12 hour length because you can get a couple loops fairly “early”, take a break and go back out for an evening/night loop which will probably be what I’ll do. If you haven’t ridden on trails at night, you’re missing out! :smiley:

I have a high powered light system for night riding, but I save it for winter when daylight is scarce.

The Oak Mtn course looks pretty easy, I guess looks can be decieving, might be worth a drive if the weather is nice. Not a lot of light that time of year, esp with the time change.

A 50k would be tough, esp if the trail is technical and requires hiking.

I’d like to see more muni riders do races, it’s a really fun way to push your limits and 15-20 miles is doable for most muni riders with moderate riding experience.

Any takers on the Reverse Ocho? They have camping available!


This is a great race format for muni, trails are 100% rideable, you can ride as much as you want, there are easy outs in case you burn out on the trail, nice mellow vibe, great time of year to ride.

Don’t make me ride alone :frowning:

may beable to ride. i tracked down a nimbus 26 for cheep once i get paid i am going to go get it may be joining you

You better hurry, the race is this Saturday.