Reverse Mount

Does anyone do this mount? Here is the description from :

My problem is that it seems so awkward holding the seat with the uni behind me. I can occasionally do it successfully, but I wonder if it is impressive enough to spend the time mastering.

You’re right, it does feel awkward at first having the unicycle out behind you. But I’m sure you remember it also feels awkward learning to ride the thing in the first place! With a little practice, it gets smoother and the awkward feeling goes away.
I wouldn’t say it’s all that impressive, however, if you can master it, it can be used as another mount for the next skill level. Every little thing that you learn helps improve your riding skills overall, reverse mount included.

I do it to. Not very impressive, particularly not to non-unicyclists.
I agree with everything toddw9 said.

Re: Reverse Mount

i tried it one night at the juggling club and landed it so easily, i’m still wondering what i did wrong

it looks pretty kewl when u do this mount and go straight into riding backwards
if u’re doing a show and can add some music playing backwards it makes for a nice gag

it’s also nice as a ‘recovery mount’
should u UPD forward during a performance, reverse mounting makes it look like part of the show

yeah, it’s worth adding to your arsenal
(very bad pun only noticed after writing)