revamping the old Coker (II: help from friends)

Well since I started to reconcile with my Old Big One I decided to revamp it.
First I changed the rim (but too bad the spokes did not fit :frowning: ) So I had to rebuild the wheel and then my friend Bouin-Bouin trued it (no small feat! ).
added 140mm cranks and I loved it! (too much: broken wrist!)

Then later I decided to buy a T7 handle … but it is almost impossible to find a cycle post in 22.2! So LordZurp told me to try to fix directly the T7 on a Coker seatpost.
JiJi ( a motorcyle fan) grinded the post for me, I bought 4 longer bolts to replace the standard one that are too short … et voilà (see pic “coker saddle” mount).

Since I had to change the bolts, I salvaged an old gel seat cover , cut the gel into 2 pieces and added those along the slit of the KH saddle … (for the moment I am unable to ride … but I will judge wether this is an improvment or not).
see overall pic “modified Coker”…



A friend of mine had a flat car tire. The hub was designed to use 4 lug nuts, but his spare wheel required 5. Eventually a hammer solved this problem. Called it a “metric conversion”. Nice fix for the T7 handle.