Rev1 filmshort screening in Sheffield this weekend


A quick head’s up: the Schaff Adventure Film Festival will be held this weekend in Sheffield England.

The website is

Dan Heaton’s Revolution 1 filmshort is screening at these times:
6:00pm on Sat 13th Mar in Showroom Two, and
5:00pm on Sun 14th Mar - Showroom Two.

Check it out if you’re in the area!


Cool news - Rev1 won the Festival Jury award for Best Adrenalin Film. Quite a few other worthy filmshorts were entered so it’s great to see this win.


That’s awesome Kris, and congrats to Dan for the win!

My mate was going on about this at work today! Talked about how amazing you was Kris! Gutted I missed it, was riding round Rother valley then had parent duty!