Rev (E.T) tricks potential in street

Inspired by Anthony Hibbings’s movie I went out and worked on my Rev tricks. I think there’s heaps of potential with them and they have really been neglected by street riders. They don’t look that great on flat but down sets and stuff they’re really awesome.

So far I can:

switch rev
Late rev
Backwards rev
180 rev
blind 180 rev
180 back rev
Fakie back rev
Fakie rev
Fakie 180 rev
Fakie 180 back rev
Fakie 360 rev
360 back rev

These are all full revs by the way. And I learnt all except 3 of them tonight. And there’s heaps more than the ones in my list you could do, Double revs for example.

Anyway do you think there’s potential in street for rev tricks?

is there a link to this rev movie? I don’t recall seeing it.
If you could throw up a link I would be very greatful, then I’ll tell you what I think.


I think it has plenty of potential. Show us some vids of the tricks, they sound pretty kool.


I don’t think rev tricks will become really popular, they’re not very visible to the untrained (read: non-unicyclist) eye, and they don’t look all that cool. Crankflips look better on the count of you being able to do pretty much anything with your legs while the cranks are spinning.

I don’t get how people do plain full revs. I’ve been trying for months but can only get a half rev. any advice?

Jump higher, and put more momentum and force into the front pedal while jumping, then you can spin it faster.

Thats what I did, and now I get revs all the time, fitsrt time I did them, which was a while ago, I was getting 270s, but I just recently got into them becasue some friends are learning them now, and all I had to do was put a little more force into it.

I get half way, but then The wheel just stops spinning in midair. The bet a have gotten was a 270 of a ledge. That hurt.

I think E.T. is the better name for it (like the Dirtjumptrick). It’s a good thing to prepare for Crankflips. Now I’m learning the fakie E.T. to do a backflip later.

i can do full revs…
they look cool going down stairsets.
i gapped a 5-set and did a full rev down it once, i have it on one of my videos.

yeye but the most importat in a trick it that it shudd be fun, btw nice work president

Rewinds (full backs) are cake.

Spencer! Its not cake, nor is it any form of wedding cake.
I learnt 180 (fakie and normal), Lates and probably one more… Cant remember.


I don’t think revs are that great… I mean, a big trick like 360+rev maybe, but…

i don’t think that was spencer…
it may be evan. he was on spencer’s aim this morning.

but yeah…
revs are pretty easy…

Yeah they are easy, but so are tire grabs and shifties. I went to the saktepark this moring and landed Fakie 180 forwards rev and fakie backwards rev down a 5 set :slight_smile:

full revs aren’t too hard, but when you do them in a combo or a line i think they’re cool, and some variations are kind of tricky(360 full rev, full rev to pedal stall/grind). right now i’m working on tire grab to late full rev

Oh I forgot shifty rev in my list. Has anybody landed a double yet?

I can 540 rev forward.

one and a half revs?