Reusing Spokes

I am going to switch my 04 Kh hub on my trials to a 05 KH/onza hub so I was wondering if i can just reuse the spokes. With the 04 hub the spoke length is 175.83mm and with the 05 hub the spoke length is 177.44mm, so how exact do they have to be?

Re: Reusing Spokes

Well, that’s certainly close enough to use the same spoke length. Generally, however, it’s better to replace them, especially if you are changing the hub. A typical wheel is built fairly poorly so your spokes are partly worn already from micro-motion. In addition, you will be changing the internal stresses on the spokes, since they will be in different places. Basically, you can expect a weaker wheel that will not last as long. It’s not worth the price and hassle of a wheel build to reuse spokes, unless perhaps you have dented a rim - and - are replacing it with the same rim - and - use a one-by-one replacement technique to ensure the spokes stay in the same place on the wheel.

Since I have to warrantee a build, I always replace the spokes and nipples.