Reunion with my Fireball Hunter

It’s been 5 long years and she’s back with me now.

(Long story, don’t ask :))

Nice. I wouldn’t let anyone ride off with her again…

Thanks. :slight_smile:

erm can i ask for the long story :roll_eyes: :smiley:

+1 :d


I am so confused right now.

Ummmm, Advertisement scam?

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eww what long cranks!


that are pretty long.

Give him a break, it has been gone for 5 years and long cranks were cool back then.

I am sort of curious about the specs on that thing and why it was gone for 5 years.

ive only been unicycling for five years. i didn’t know they were cool then.

They weren’t. I think it might have been a myth started by cos it said on the website “We recommend 170mm cranks with any 24x3” unicycles" or something along those lines- in the expert section of offroad 6 years ago. They seem to be trying to sell a lot of those profile hubs and barely make mention of the length of cranks (most look like 170), but sensibly on the new KH mountain unicycles they offer crank choices including various double drilled ones. Also the medium ones have a lot of crank choices and the standard seems to be 150mm now.

The Fireball is something you usually add to a MUni. I haven’t seen them sold on unicycles. Isn’t it weird how has an image of a Dyno Fireball Kustom Kruiser tire, and the Item # TIFireball-677, but they are selling it as Kenda Flame 24 x 3.0 Tire which doesn’t look as cool to me. They should make up their mind as to what they are selling.

Fireball Vs KendaFlame.jpg