Returning to Ottawa...

What’s the current roster of Ottawanian unicyclists like? We’re moving there in about 3 weeks, and it’d be nice to find some folks to ride with!

I’m from Gatineau, about 5 minutes from Ottawa… There’s not alot of riders around here, sadly:(

What kind of riding you do?

There’s plenty of riders! they’re just not many active riders…

That’s what I mean, there’s not alot of active riders… I have to get Ryan Atkins back into unicycling:p

Take a look on the Ottawa Unicyclist Club on Facebook, I’m not on Facebook so I’m not on there, I dont know if there’s anything on there since OUI 2010 though…

Well at least there’s one active rider in Gatineau, which is close enough :wink: I ride muni and a little trials/street, though I’m not good at it really. I know a couple riders in Ottawa that I was at Bishop’s with (and who were in the uni club there with me) but I’m not sure how actively they are riding now.

Still has to be better than down here, I know there’s one other rider in Texarkana besides my wife and I, but I’ve never seen them myself :wink:

Is anyone from the Ottawa FB group on the forums? All I found were groups for OUI from 2+ years ago…

On the Facebook group there’s Nathan Tappin who is also on the forum, but not a really active poster, he still rides, but he’s really busy so he doesn’t ride really often (I haven’t seen him since OUI). There’s also Wolfgang Becker, but he only rides when I ask him and he doesn’t really go on the forum anymore. There’s Jérome too who rides Muni but is not on the forum, he’s an active rider though.

We could do some Muni and Trials riding once you’re here. It’s always fun to have a buddy to ride with:)

It is :slight_smile: One of my Bishop’s friends just rides generally I think (if he’s still riding), but the other was doing some muni last I heard… he’s in Hull actually if I recall. My wife has done some very light muni, but needs a new crank on her uni(s )… one is bent, the other the pedal is stripped out (I, uh, accidentally put her seat on backwards… my bad…) I need a new seatpost for my muni, it’s been out of commission for almost 2 years… sigh! But I do muni on my trials right now (Not that where I am has much in the way of mountains ;))

I won’t have a car when I first get up there, are uni’s allowed on the bus? A trials uni isn’t great for distance riding. Might have to figure out how to carry it on my bike…

I dont know if the unis are accepted on the Ottawa buses, but here in hull they are accepted by most drivers. I dont have a car neither so we will all be stuck on the buses or on our bikes with our unis on the back!:stuck_out_tongue:

When are you moving here?

EDIT: Nevermind for my question, I just re-read the first post and saw it:p

Did OUI happen this year? I always managed to miss it (Finals, my ex’s graduation, my graduation, weddings, my son’s birth…) I hope OUI is still going, now that I’ll be living there :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the long waiting, I was really busy this week. Yes OUI happenned this year, but I wasn’t really well organised, and there was only 5 competitors. Next year I’ll help to organise and so Nathan wont be alone to do ALL the things for it, so it should be better, and we’ll organise it sooner also. He did it all in like 2 months I think:p

Hey Nick, I’m Nathan, as Jakob said, there is a pretty poorly active community in Ottawa. There are actually quite a bit of riders, some play basketball in Hull, some go to the juggling club meets (mostly kids or learners), and there are probably at least another dozen doing distance and muni rides on a somewhat regular basis (usually alone though).

I have only ever had trouble taking a uni on a bus once, I have brought a 20, a trials, a 24" muni, and a 26 all on seperate occasions and the two most frequent were probably the trials and the muni. Technically buses have to let bikes on apparently (I’ve talked to a couple people that have been told this from drivers and I seem to remember hearing it elsewhere as well). The only reason they can deny you is if the bus is too full. I’ve travelled almost every day with my unicycle on the bus for over two years, so all in all I would say it’s been a good experience.

If you harrass me enough I’m down for a ride, but Jakob is being generous when he sais I still ride. I’d like to, but quite often other things have been taking my priorities.

Feel free to give me a shout though when you are in town ntappin at gmail.

I know what you mean… I’ll have a decent amount of time at first prolly, weather permitting, but I’m also goign to be job-hunting… After the job, who knows what my schedule will be like, between work & family… Though my wife rides also, and our son is almost ready for a mini uni of his own :slight_smile:

And I’m here :smiley:

Here in Ottawa?:stuck_out_tongue: I start school in 2 weeks so when you want to ride somewhere tell me!:stuck_out_tongue: What kind of riding you do?

I prefer muni, but I do light trials these days 'cause I still haven’t gotten a seat post for my muni… I’m riding my trials uni pretty much daily though up towards Parliament Hill mostly. I’m staying just off Parkdale, so it’s not too far :slight_smile:

Tell me when you want to ride and where! I’m starting school next wednesday so I wont be able to ride in the weeks after that. I ride Trials and Muni too, my 2 favorite style of riding:) But I do pretty much anything that includes a unicycle:p

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you, I’ve been busy with job hunting (now employed!) and with family visiting and stuff. Not this weekend, but maybe next week/weekend!

Next weekend would be cool! I’m planning to go ride in downtown Ottawa next weekend so you could join me!

Sounds like a plan!

I’ll PM you my email adress. It’s always easier to comunicate with the emails than the forum:)