Returning back to riding my unicycle ....question on crank length ?

I rode a 29 in the past with a short crank arm. Now,it is too fast for me lol. I think I have a 125 on the unicycle .Would a longer crank be easier to get my skills back? :)like a 165 or 170?

Longer cranks will make things easier though you could probably skip the longer cranks altogether if you put in some practice time to get comfortable on the 125s. 165s are good for riding off-road but I think you’ll quickly find them too long for the street. 150s will give a significant boost in control without being overly long for riding around.

I’ve ridden cranks from 170mm to 125mm on my 29er and while 125s feel nice on the road I like the versatility I get with 150mm cranks.

150s should be plenty

got some 170s for christmas this year, they feel big even on the 36" tire

I’ve got 145s on my 29" which is used for xc riding and light MUni. I tried 170s and found them too long.


Thanks for the replies I am practing with the 125 on and doing much better. Is it worth the extra money to buy Chris holm bike 29 vs the nimbus ?

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I tried all lengths of cransk from 80 mm to 170 mm a few years ago. It was fun experimenting. The end result was anything longer than 150mm is no fun to ride for me.

Very long cranks can make a uni slow and unwieldy. Very short cranks focus all the effort on a smaller muscle movement and give you less control.

I now ride on medium length cranks: 125 or 150, although I may put the 114s back on my lightweight 700c.

I know that taking the 165s off my KH24 and putting 150s on converted a lump of dead metal into a living breathing unicycle.

What do most people find comfy on a 29 for road riding? I went from 137 to 125 and am finding them a bit short up hill. I only rode once with them so maybe I just need to get used to them. I like 150 for muni on the 29.

125’s are the longest on my 29" road uni that i use and they let me spin 100 rpm plus bringing my avg up towards 9 mph- my limit for running out a upd. Shorter were faster but control fell off. On regular Tarmac roads even steepish hills should be rideable up depending on lungs, legs and heart.

Going down hills is tougher on shorter cranks on the road- I think I appreciate the brake (Brycer sourced) more on my road than my mountain unis.

For muni I too like 150’s on the 26".

(I’m back on the trails after toe surgery :slight_smile: Yeah!!! Hope to get together with you soon. Me and JtC rode today at Calvert Cliffs. )


Ok, so 125s on a 29 for road is not unreasonable. I guess I just need to get used to them. For me they are fine downhill, I use my brakes, but I had trouble getting up hill. Again probably just need some more time on them.

I rode 137s for a while offroad and loved them but I suffered a slight loss in spin speed and went to 145mm (the QUax lightweight ones are soo cheap and pretty awesome) to gain power on the hills and my overal ride times are faster as I can stay seated on some hills where I would have to stand and maintain 6-7mph uphill rather than slog hald a revoloution at a time ad 3-4 mph.

Mayve get some 150/125 double hole cranks so you can swap about?

That’s what I have. 150/125 and 165/137

Indeed, 125 is a good length on a 29" wheel for flat and gentle grades. Quite a few people go even shorter, I have 114’s on.

If you like the Nimbus, stick with it. Nimbus is a quite good brand, there is hardly a reason to buy a KH instead. Some people like the name KH better, and KH is probably a little bit lighter too. But 99% of performance is in the rider, 1% in the unicycle.