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I have been riding in the snow also. about 3 days ago, we got 8"-10" of snow,
and I have been riding in it quite a bit. I haven’t gone very far though, since
it is too cold. Unicycling in the snow is alot of fun, as long as you don’t hit
any patches of ice. Those can be killers. I have a bruise or two to prove it!!

>As I finished work today i realised it was snowing…Hurrah, we don’t get a
>lot of snow down here in the south of england. Then I saw what kind of
>snow…Booo, Hiss, wet slushy stuff. Then I remembered I had the Coker with
>me today…Hurrah. Now I’ve done my first snow ride on the Coker, it was a
>lot like riding in the rain, only very cold . Who else is riding in the Snow
>out there?

Happy Snow Riding

Chris Cline MUni-Cow