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Jack Halpern says:
JH>Spanish is monociclo but with the Puerto Rican influence it seems to be
JH>changing to uniciclo. Any comments Alberto?

You got it right, Jack, & there is a story behind it.

Both mono & uni means one. So from origins, unicycle or monocycle are synonims.
From usage they can have different meaning. In the USA they do.

In Spanish I know monociclo is correct. I have not been able to find uniciclo in
the dictionary. When I got back from Japan in 1987 I tried to establish
monociclo. That started the biggest dissent in our history.

Over 25 years ago, Don Paco Dumeng, Daniel’s father, bought an unicycle from the
former Ramey Air Force Base, where in 1988 UNICON IV was held. Since it was a
USA Base, they called it uniciclo, & named their club Club de Uniciclos de
Isabela. That was the origin of our National Federation.

Meanwhile, in a nearby town, a rival club started. They called them monociclo.
Although it was a good club, it eventually faded away.

So in 1987, there was no way Isabela was going to accept their first rival’s
namesake. In addition to that, mono means monkey in Spanish. So, some of our
younger riders thought that monociclo had an implication on who was riding
the cycle.

To keep peace, I promised that as far as I was concerned, uniciclo & monociclo
both existed in Spanish.

Mantente trepado, Alberto Ruiz, Director & Spanish Translator International
Unicycling Federation (IUF)