Return of the uni-meets in the UK

Hello fellow unicyclists

I would like to advertise the re-birth of the uni meets. They will be
held once every 2 months on the last Saturday of the month starting
with the 31st of March.

The venue is Baxter College at Kidderminster near Birmingham which
some of you may remember from BUC 9 and some uni meets in the past.
The sports hall is massive with more than enough room for one half of
the hall to be a decent size unicycle hockey or basketball space and
the other half for workshops and freestyle practice.

The event will run from 10am-6pm with entrance at £10. Any/all profit
will go into funding further uni-meets. There will be a raffle and a
few workshops that we shall run: beginners unicycling, intermediate-
advanced freestyle and mounts. We will also run a games session of
gladiators and the usual silly games and also thought about setting up
the IUF obstical course for some time trials if there are interested
participants. At future events there will likely be UUU level

We would really like these uni-meets to be a community event where
unicyclists of all ages can come and practice and share skills. We
welcome anyone who wants to run a workshop and will provide space for
hockey enthusiasts as long as someone is willing to organise the
matches on the day.

Basically these events will become what you make them. The more people
who come and are prepared to help out with organising hockey matches
or running workshops, the more everyone will get out of the day. If
not its just a nice big space to practice and meet like minded people.

In summary. Uni-meet on the 31st of March, 10am-6pm. £10. Baxter
College, Kidderminster.

Hope to see you there

Leigh and Steve.
For more info contact Steve on or 07970 107845

To find out more about the venue and how to get there please see:

Will be there :smiley:

Will be great to see you there.

Just to say we now have confirmation of the other dates which are booked:
26th May 2012
28th July 2012
29th September 2012
24th November 2012

I will be trying to make 1 or 2 :slight_smile:

Just want to say welcome back.I’m about to book a sport hall in Exeter for a couple of uni meets. Sept 26th 2009 and Jan 2nd 2010 ( Hockey tourny) . Can any body give me a GOOD reason not to use those dates. I already know about the sept one clashing with Bristol juggle fest, but that can be a positive as some northerners might combine Bristol with Exeter in one trip.