Return of the shakey hub

I made a thread earlier about this and the fix seamed to be just tighten the bearing holders. this seamed to work but the wiggle has come back, and this time I’m certin its not the holders as I just tightened them. I can just feel it with my hand wiggling but when I’m riding I can feel it (not to the point where it affects it, but it is just annoying) can anyone help me?


Take everything apart, grease it, and reassemble it.

When I had a similar problem (I couldn’t pinpoint the actual problem though) I took everything apart, regreased everything (everywhere that metal touches metal) and reassembled it. I also turned each crank 90 degrees before reassembling everything, just to see if it would fix anything (because it won’t do any harm), and I haven’t had any clicking annoyances since.

Try it - it can’t hurt.

well I was searching through the forums and there was somthing about keyhole slop (or somthing along those line) found somtimes in profile hub/cranks, do you think it could be that, if so is there anyway to fix it

It might be that - the keyhole is the screw that tightens/“pinches” the crank to the axle.

If so, it’s just a matter of tightening things up. It would be best to take everything apart, wipe down/clean the surfaces & regrease them, and put it all back together. You don’t want to tighten something if the surfaces might be dirty, it could wear the metal parts down, and that would be very bad.

It shouldn’t take you more than fifteen minutes to completely disassemble, clean/grease, and reassemble everything. Try that, then ride around for a bit, re-tighten everything, and see if it still clicks. It shouldn’t. If it does, then I don’t know what it could be.

will I need a crank puller for that?

Not unless you have square-tapered cranks/hub. If it’s splined it should come off with minimal effort.

I found that unscrewing the keyhole a little bit, and then the axle worked best - and then when the axle bolt is loose enough, unscrew the keyhole the rest of the way.

When putting everything back together, I would screw the axle first, then the keyhole a little bit, then tighten the axle some more, then the keyhole, then the axle the rest of the way, and then the keyhole. I think this helped everything to be on as tight as possible.

These extra steps probably don’t matter much, but I was trying to be as cautious as possible.

well there profile hub/cranks so I guess I’ll try what you said tomorrow, thank for you help:)

sure thing, zucchini boy.

Reed. email Darren about it…Hes the one who sold it to you and he should kno what the problem is…Dont try to fumble with it yourself or you might mess something up. darren is the man to go to.