Return of the Holy Roller

Long time forum members may remember my tales of rides on the Holy Roller: a Pashley 26" Muni with 125 mm cranks a Holy Roller tyre.

The Pashley Muni itself is pretty horrible. It’s made of huge amounts of lightweight materials and is therefore extremely heavy. It has lollipop bearings.

However, the tyre is lovely for a uni. It has a smooth and quiet tread pattern for riding on tarmac, and reasonable grip off road, and a nice round cross section for easy steering.

The Holy Roller has been in storage (in bits) for a few years now but today I put it back together and took it for a few miles of tarmac with a short section of easy off road. Still lovely to ride.

How is the puncture resistance, to thorns for example? I find that for many lighter tires I run on my G26er, I have to add a tire liner to prevent punctures. This is especially true since I also run close to max psi.

I can’t recall ever having a puncture with this tyre, but it’s a matter of where I ride it and how often (or seldom). I’ve had punctures on most of my unis over the years because I tend to ride woodland and field boundaries where there are thorns and briars.

I wouldn’t use the Holy Rolelr tyre for “serious” muni, but it’s a good general purpose and cross country tyre and transformed a rather flat footed Pashley Muni into a fun ride.

Thanks for the info Mike. Been riding mainly XC on my G26er, which includes some road riding. Have had excellent results with the Maxxis Ardent 26 x 2.25 folding tire, but the casing is so thin that I have to add a tuffy tire liner and even that doesn’t always stop thorns. Recently got the Forte “Tsali” 26x 2.0 from Performance bike. Only $13.99 on sale. So far it’s been an amazing tire with super low RR, cambered sections of road and trail have almost zero effect using this tire, and while it’s a bit heavier casing, it’s still susceptible to punctures without an added liner. I was noticing that the Kenda K rad is fairly similar to the Holy roller, and also is available in a 26 x 2.5 folding version.

You might need to get an answer from someone with the same kind of geography and climate. When I lived in Los Angeles I got lots of flats from thorns. (“goatheads”) Since moving back to the east, nada. Sticky prickly things seem to particularly be a part of that “chaparral biome” much more than in rainy leafy places.