Return of the Bacon Slicer

I’m sure Eric will happily translate all the technical mumbo-jumbo for you… propably doing that right now:D

I plugged it into google translate. The guy fabbed his own planetary hub. The ratio was chosen to match a schlumpfed 36er using a 28x1 wheel.

I don’t understand it either, but it sure looks cool! A 2.6:1 hub on a 28" wheel comes out to a 72.8 equivalent wheel diameter. I like the way he freemounts it and rides off – that must be a pretty good feat right there. I wonder how fast he’s going on that straightaway?

From the way the wheel moves when he mounts it either that hub has a lot of slop or it freewheels. Either way it looks scary to ride but also quite awesome.

OK. Let’s give it a try …

Hope this helps …

Great info, Eric, thanks mucho.
(but the youtube link is broken.)

The youtube link worked for me, thanks for the info!

I agree that it looks fairly ‘specialised’ - It’s a shame it’s not shiftable, then it’d be epic :sunglasses:

Maybe for the Unlimited races at Unicon? :smiley:

It’s the video I posted before. Didn’t know that it will automaticly make a link out of the http://xyz text in the quote

Thought that you might find it interesting to learn that bike companies are starting to say that bigger tires are faster, at least in the world of cyclocross, where they run 33mm tires.

Here’s a list of some popular 'cross tires:

What carbon post did you use?

It’s probably not possible to buy it now after 7 years…

Thomson posts with KH post tops are/were popular choices though.

Qu-Ax also makes/made a Carbon QX series post.

Hi, if somebody agries, that my ultralight but durable and comfortable saddle kit will be looks wonderfully on such road unicycles, let me know. I can make it especially for you, using brand new parts and quality natural leather.
Saddle + seatpost + handlebar + ring bell, less then 1kg.


Hi. This is new modification inside my conception “one frame, different wheels”
Effective diameter 66 cm, (26"), tire 622-23mm
4,4 kg, although there are not most light crancs, hub and frame.
The best property for me, how easy it is, cleaning such thin and slick tire after dirty roads.