Return of service

Someone was collecting responses to the ‘other wheel’ comment. This one was tried and tested today:

One of a group of anglers: “Where’s your other wheel gone?”
Me: “I left it next to your trawler.”
Anglers suitably perplexed. :0)

I was TUniing (Trails unicycling) on a bench on the outskirts of Whitley Bay, were I live, and this old guy came up to me and said ‘These benches are for sitting on, not for jumping on, on bicycles!’ (which is a valid point, but he didnt even want to use the bench, and there were 3 more benchs, so anyone could come and sit down) and i didnt see how i was causing any harm (what with plastic pedals!) so i turned round i said to him ‘its not a bicycle’ he he walked away confused! It was quite funny! LOL :smiley: