"Return from Broke-Back Mountain"

Me, Jamey & Jim got together for a fantastic and thrilling MUni ride at “Iron Mountain” in Poway, CA Sunday. The title is because both Jim & Jamey sustained back fractures last year, and while Jamey healed up and was riding only a couple months after his injury, this was Jim’s first real MUni test since his fracture over a year ago!

We had a great time and there were literally hundreds of hikers-more than we’ve ever seen on one trail!-and when we reached the summit there must have been another 50 gathered there! We’re looking forward to another ride there soon!

Some of our better riding was not shot since we were so busy…well, riding, lol, and what is in the video is mostly early on our way down, getting a feel for the terrain. As usual, the camera doesn’t capture the real steepness and difficulty factor, but whatever.:slight_smile:

Hey Terry !
I gotta say I’ve been a fan of your vids for a long time but today you just made my day! Great riding but on top of it you put in one of my favorite Dogwood songs (one of my favorite bands).
Good Job

I really enjoyed this video with all the terrain and all. I think the title prods into a touchy subject a bit but I really like the video. You have to love the easily amused crowds when you ride a unicycle.

The title was suggested by one of the riders in the group, Jim. (Munivision) since he and Jamey (the third in our group) both had back fractures last year, and are now both back riding…hence the title. I’m not sure why it would be a “touchy” subject, lol! :roll_eyes:

No frantic anal scenes in tents? I’m disappointed.

JK:) . Nice riding, good view. Glad to hear the other two have recovered!
The filming was a bit wobbly.

come on that’ so rude … i also want to have trails like this around me…

how far are the trails away from your house terry?

nice work! love it!

Hahaha, I love the title. Good video, like all the others you have. I did enjoy it, to the full potential.

Thanks for making all these cool videos terry, they always make me want to go out and ride.

Excellent as always Terry !!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, when I rode the title I was like “WTF?” :roll_eyes:
But glade it isn’t like the movie, I saw it at school unfortunatly.

But, nice movie Terry.
Keep on rolling dude :wink:

Peter M

Thanks for all the comments guys! I changed the title on youtube to: “Return from ‘BROKEN-BACK’ mountain.” That way ppl should realize it’s not an actual clip from the movie, before they actually watch it. Plus I put a little description in there about Jim & Jamey having back fractures as the reason for the title. :sunglasses:

haha nice I do enjoy the video very much though.

Short and sweet. One of your better vids :slight_smile: I miss the regular comical scenes though :o

I bet that was really steep, considering you guys were riding those spots between the “stairs” so slow. It didn’t really look steep at all in the vid:(

It was though, at least in some sections, and very technical as you could see! We’re going back this Sunday, and since I’ve 'tested" it once now I’m ready to get more agressive! And yes, my next “UniGeezer” will have my highest drops yet, more 36er stuff not done yet and yes, some funny bits…at least I hope ppl will like them haha!:smiley:

OMG:) !! I was there!

:thinking: Who are you? Did we talk?