Returing to Muni Adventures

My friend and riding partner Josh Schoolcraft and I just talked and planned a ride for tomorrow. Work has eaten both of us alive over the last few years and we were looking at the old photos from the days when we were riding hard core DH runs 3 even 4 times a week. So many wonderful memories and trips but also many injuries - I personally had or witnessed two broken backs, a dislocated shoulder, torn ACLs, broken thumb, ruptures (nuts), countless bruises and sprains but also the most fun we ever had. Now we’re looking forward to getting back out there frequently but toning down the giant air and wildness a little - something I was just discussing with Kris Holm, who is just finishing his Muni how-to book, which is looking great.

In the end, the best part of it all is not the difficulty but the joy of adventure riding in the wilds.

We had so many great runs, it’s time for more . . .

Ride on!

John Long

Hey! Great to have you back!

What you guys need is a MUni Weekend. How would you like to host one this fall? :smiley:

Early plans for Bend, Oregon did not pan out, so I’m looking for a location. And I don’t mean to divert your topic, it’s great to have you back in any case!

John – say the word and I’ll drive down to SB and/or LA to come ride with you and Josh!


I know Terry rides in that area. He might be able to suggest some trails suitable for you adventures.



John, good to have you have you back! I’ve been Muniing a couple times a week, mostly 29er cross country. Nothing too technical, once you break your back… Call me if you want to ride.

Gotta add a recent broken ankle to the injury stack (not mine), but hope to see the owner back on the wheel again soon.

Angeles high country trails have finally started to reopen after the 2009 Station Fire wiped them clean away. Time to leave the fire roads, map the water stops and re-up on some all-mountain muni epics…

count me in

Count me in, fellas! I’ve also been a little MIA the past two years, but am hungry for a new era of muni action. I’ll be in SoCal in mid August and can’t wait to ride with the crew - while discussing turds, philosophy, and our next muni adventure.

Yeah, every morning when I wake, memories like these speak volumes!