Results of the worldwide 1st uni slopestyle contest

at the 5th muni meeting elsbet in liechtenstein we had the first slopestyle contest! ist was fantastic for the riders but also for the spectators!


  1. Darja
  2. Jana
  3. Victoria


  1. cedric vincent
  2. jacob spera
  3. rocco schulz

super nice

Sounds really cool, that’s an awesome picture!

This is a great idea.

I also think we should add a down-hill, paved, slalom course for 36ers.


some more pics of the great competition during the meeting (taken by mister ackermann).

Rider on the pics:

  1. David W.
  2. Darja S.
  3. Stefan Bieri
  4. Stefan Buchele
  5. Adrian I.
  6. Cedric V.

any video?

here some pics of us (Valentin, andi and me) testing the “thing” (taken by bernd möller):

Videos will follow, something great is in the pipeline…i only say r.p.

when i get my 26 i am going to build something like this!

more pics here ( from hugo, most are from the campfire and the gap at the slpestyle):

looks like so much fun! what a great spot and comp! maybe “slopestyle” will jams catch on, i hope so.

more pics from Lutz Eicholz (only for facebook people):

Wow! Looks like an awesome event! :smiley: wish I where there!! I really wonna see some footy from it, but I saw Rapheal filmed something down there so he will hopefully come out with something :smiley:

Sick stuff guys! :smiley:

Some more pics here, slopestyle is towards the end. I also filmed most of the slopestyle with a not so great cam, so I might put something together out of my footage as well. Don’t have time for that now, though.

i looked at the pics :slight_smile: i know what you mean by rp :slight_smile: gonna be a great video! cant wait

I really enjoyed the photos, thanx

it was an awesome event!

had a blast the entire time :slight_smile:

for all the FB people: