resistent shoes for flat?

hello, i broked 2 shoes in one weak, the firsts was DC shoes and the second a Vans shoes.
i’m desperate, you knoe any shoes that can subrevive at least 4/5 months?
you thick that koxx trial shoes are resistent and comfortable for flat?

please recomend me one!!

You could try the Oneal Rampage ones. I love them and use them for DH, Trial, Flat and even Freestyle.

Good luck.

Its not likely you will be getting 4-5 months out of any shoes for flat riding, assuming you are riding most every day.

This topic comes up a lot. The two big features you want to look for, are a strong well designed sole, and a stiff enough upper, so when your shoes start wearing down they will still preform half decent.

In short, you want a shoe that will still allow you to ride as it falls apart. Id say average life for a shoe is 2-3 months for street - 1-2 for flat… for me.

You can always used worn down pedals, keep your cranks smooth and free from griptape, and you find a pair of shoes you know you like on sale, buy two.

i’m riding every day with the same shoes, they last me three months at least
i’m riding with nike 6.0 air mogan, the mid are better than the low because it protect your ankles
anyway the low are still really really good
to resume, really comfortable shoes with really strong sole, nice design and not that expensive
i got those at the moment

yep, i got the mogan mids. best ever.

I use Nikes also. They seem to last a while. Just make sure if you buy a pair of Nikes that the bottom of the shoe is completly flat. Becuase if there are big grooves and gaps on the bottom of the shoe you have a good chance of ripping parts off your shoe.