Research on unicycle related topics.

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has come across any research/studies/literature on unicycling.

I am interested in any possible research on unicycles and cardiovascular fitness, health, concentration and learning, balance, etc.

Studies I have found so far are.

Can a Bicycle Create a Unicycle Track
On the stability and control of unicycles
Unicycles and Bifurications - more biomechanics

Sex, Aggression, and Humour: Responses to Unicycling

Unicycle Injuries in the United States - Safety of unicycles compared to cycling

The NZ Unicycle site says

Is anyone aware of where this research could be found?


I forget where but there’s a site that has logged average learning times (total hrs), compared w/ age. Avg = 14 hrs if I remember correctly.

I noticed juggling practice helped my unicyling learning & retention and visa/versa, piano too.

I found that:

Unicycle training and equilibrium function—Body-sway-research-no.-37–_1993_Equilibrium-Research,-Supplement
Japanese article about vestibular system research and how it improves if you unicycling (for 10-12 years old children).


I’m glad other people are thinking about the special advantages unicycles can/could/might bring.