Required mounts for IUF/USA skill levels

The 2009 wording for the IUF/USA skill levels is open to interpretation concerning whether all mounts are required for each level or if just one is sufficient. This is causing inconsistent testing in our group so I’m hoping better minds than mine can clear this up. Here is what the rules say:

For Level 5 that means a total of 5 different mounts chosen from Levels 1 through 5.

For instance, Level 5 mounts are:

  • Kick up mount
  • Swing up mount to seat in front [/LIST] Where my confusion comes in: To pass Level 5 must the rider do both mounts [I]1 [B]and[/B] 2[/I], or [I]1 [B]or[/B] 2[/I]?
  • For level 5, you can do any 5 mounts from any of the levels. 1 and 2 are just recommended mounts for that skill level. For levels 7 and above, the rules are a little more complicated.