Requests for Universe 3

Ok, Ok, I realize the creators of Universe 1 + 2 will probably chill out for a while and enjoy their success of the current movie. As they should.


When time comes around to start making U3 (if they are intending do?) what do you think would be some cool things to put in it?

1)Ryan and Jeff both BC’ing together, perhaps in a race, or distance contest down a long slight grade

2)The DVD commentary feature as mentioned in another post. I love watching the commentaries on movies, and think the riders talking about their techniques, etc… would be VERY cool.

3)A long follow cam clip of two or more riders taking side by side trails down technical stuff for a long time, perhaps to show a cool things about a very long flowing decent as opposed to scattered tricks. ITTD has some very cool scenes like this.

How about a guy ripping through the woods on a Coker, tacoing his rim? That would be pretty cool.

Selectable music sound tracks. I am sure that most of the people buying this love the soundtrack on 1 an 2, but not really my style.
Something a little less aggresive maybe?

i’d like to see me in UNiVERsE III! haha. unfortunately i live on the east coast, so i dont have much of a chance to film with dan. but hopefully we can hook up sometime and film together.


i agree with bugman–some better music
i know that there are problems with copywrite issues and blah blah blah, but there has got to be better music out there that could be used

You should put Sofa’s Coker rim taco on there! that is so cool.

Where do the guys who made it live?

Hahaha… geez, give it some time…

I appreciate comments about what people would like to see in future vids and will take all of them into account.

Sofa - I think commentary is a good idea, and I will try and work that in. Filming has always been so rushed that there has never really been anytime for commentary.

Bugman - Selectable music tracks would be great, but it really isn’t feasable. I’m constantly evaluating the music I use and trying to find what works best with different styles of riding. There will always be some good aggressive tracks on the videos, but I am also branching out to other styles of music… Suggestions help a lot.

Tugboat - We’ll talk…

Bonduranto - Yes, music selection is somewhat limited, but there are tons of great bands out there in all different styles of music that will allow use of it. I personally love a lot of the tracks in the video. I also think there are a few tracks that maybe I shouldn’t have used. I go through hundreds of songs to find ones that I feel will fit good in the video. Sometimes I get permission to use them, sometimes I don’t. It’s always gonna be hard to please people regarding the soundtrack which is why I try and use a good diversity of music. I would really appreciate it if people could point out specific tracks that they especially liked or disliked and why. I guess i’m mainly looking for whether the track fit with the riding.

Rayden - I live in Bellingham, Washington.


a 320x240 grainy movie is easy to appreciate on the comp, but has no place on a DVD!

UNiVERsE II showcased excellent riding. The music is not what I would listen to day-to-day but I like it for the DVD.

One thing I missed that was in UNiVERsE I was some of the group riding segments.

When it comes time for III I would like to see the great individual riding, some group stuff, more high calibre indoor freestyle stuff, and some of the open-X.

Watching Kris clean those multiple stunt/transition lines at the beach was cool. Maybe more sections like that too with less cuts and more continuous footage.

And lots of hidden sections.

Well, we’ll just have to get a good video camera, and keep filming until you do it again!

Loved the vid Dan, it’s hard to think of improvements. Off the top of my head a few possible suggestions for #3 if (when?) you start work on it:

  • Rider interviews and thoughts, things they enjoy, things they found hard to learn, etc.

  • How about a bit of ‘expedition’ style riding a-la ITTD?

  • Maybe some more scenic shots like the one of Dylan going down the rocky area with the mountains in the background.

  • A few scenes with multiple ‘windows’ where 2 or more things are going on at once. That way you can include footage of more people doing different things and still keep it short for ‘regular’ viewers but there’s lots of re-watchability for others. You could even include different ‘windows’ of people doing the same thing, eg in the gliding section you could split the window into a quad and show 4 different people gliding down different hills.

Thanks for all the hard work…

  • James

Jacinto Ayuso is from the East coast too. All you have to do is go to a convention!

I’d like to be in Universe 3 also, and not behind my camera, as most of the shots containing me in Universe 1. So if there’s more Freestyle that would help. Or even highlights (of the cool stuff, of course) from a “regular” unicycle convention. my Obstacle Course riding is still worthy…

well im working on it. im going to TOque in march. im gonna be filming a bit with jeff groves i think while im there. anyways, im slowly convincing my mom to let me go places for unicycling. you gonna be at TOque john?

see ya, Kevin

Id like to be in universe III too…Wouldn’t anybody. Unfortunately the only way I would ever be in that movie is if they decided to make a section of the movie labeled, “Not exceedingly good unicyclists trying to do stuff that the other people in this movie can do in their sleep”…So thats what I’ll suggest :smiley:

When we were authoring the DVD, I thought about reccomending doing a commentary to Dan. Unfortunately, I was doing the authoring work in Virginia and Dan was in Washington (and the various riders were scattered all over creation), so setting up the commentary recording seemed to be more work than we needed to deal with.

If I’m involved with the authoring when/if a U3 rolls around, I think it’s something we can try.

Given the resources available to production on this scale, I think the music was great. Your never going to please everybody with your choice of music. If everybody likes a song, then your talking about the Beatles and they’re too expensive for a sports video. Dan did to some fantastic cutting, building the rhythm of his editing with the rhthym of the music. Go back again and watch Jacinto’s section and notice how significantly Dan adjusted his editing style specifically for the music (including some visual effects seemingly designed around the music). As much as I dislike that song, I love the editing choices dan made. Now look at Kris Holm’s first section. This time the song is much better, but again the style of the editing and the musical rhtythm work great together. You can tell how Dan was doing something different in the cutting to marry it with the music.

Because of how the editing to music is done, I think you can also see that alternate music tracks just wouldn’t work at all.

I really liked the music in Daike’s section and Dylan meets rock section, I also really like secret socyetee or however that was. In the next one I’d like ot hear some hip hop. I think thaht would be awesome. and also I think I could run with the video. Today i was doin really good, and tryin some stuff that I saw and I was gettin it. so for the next one get ahold of me. s/n is Zelten Fire I also have some new stuff they could add.

Although I would not listen to the music they chose while in my car or anything, I think it was great in the movie. Something about heavy music and riding videos just works so dang well