Requesting Hi-Rez photo of Karl on the ridge

When I get my images up on Ofoto, you’ll be able to order 20 x 30" prints.

As for those panorama shots from Paco, excellent! A poster from that would be a lot harder to arrange. My inkjet printer can do up to 13 x 44", wouldn’t that be cool? I don’t think it can enlarge digital photos nearly as well as Ofoto or other shops that do optical printing onto photo paper though.

Panorama shots by Paco? Our avatars may look similar, but, hey!

Anyway, I’ll be posting a high-res version on my web site soon. I went to get my photo prints made today at Ritz Camera and the files were too big for their system, so I’m going back next week with lower-resolution versions.

I asked them about posters and they said they could make inkjet-printed posters for around $50…so that’s not going to work.

I’ll see what Ofoto can do. Maybe I’ll just post them all at Ofoto and let you guys order your own posters.

Here’s a question, though. If I did put something on Ofoto for a poster, or if I found a way to have posters made, would you guys prefer it clean, or would you want me to make up some graphic on it - “Moab, Utah Porcupine Rim, 2003” or something like that? Or maybe I could get a graphic of Karl’s signature with the Kokopelli graphic or something.

I feel like I’ve become the life support system on what would otherwise be a dead post, but…

Checking with Ofoto, you can, indeed, get 20"x30" prints, priced at $22.99 American.

This is good, because the panoramas are 4x12. If I double them up and put 2 posters on each 20"x30" print, that will wield, in perfect mathematical proportions, 10"x30" posters. Not too shabby - a 2.5 foot wide panorama poster of Karl balanced over the porcupine rim overlook. You’re on your own trying to find a frame for this thing. Plus, I don’t know if its going to look bad when blown up this size.

Done this way, each 10"x30" poster would come out to $11.50. I would be glad to handle duplication of this along with the “Blood, Sweat and Wheels” videos and send them out like a package deal. It would probably end up being around $17 for the whole package - and this just covers cost, no profit (and considering the complications involved, I want to avoid profit).

So, let me know what you guys think. Plus, let me know what you guys think of whether you would want the poster clean or with a Moab Muni Fest graphic. Finally, this all hinges on getting permission from Tom Holub (photographer of one of the shots used in the panorama) and Karl Thompson (the idiot on the cliff).