Request for Review of Bedford standard BC

Does anyone have the basic standard BC from Bedford with ball bearing hub and double wall Alex rim. 24" or 20". $170 CND with pro, $150 CND without. Good deal? You tell me :P.

Also, who likes the PROs and why? Worth the extra twenty?

Now, I also have to decide on 20" or 24" any advice there? Spencer or Evan, im looking at you cause you have the experence here. Basicly from what I have heard, the 20" is more managable but the 24" is faster. What do you guys recomend for a beginner.

People like the pros cuz they are bigger platforms, therefor easier to ride, therefor better, therefor worth the extra 20$, there for use the Search feature for more info…

Dude, Why post what other people think about a component when you don’t know anything about it?

Just because something is easier to ride, Doesn’t mean its better in ANY way. And long plates dont necessarily make it easier to ride. They give you a little more control, but other than that its pretty much just preference. Its like a fat tire or skinny tire on a uni, both have advantages and disadvantages. Short plates are naturally lighter, and when it comes to the chunky Bedford design, you may want it. Unless your doing like table hops, long plates are fine, the heaviness can get a tad annoying just when you carry it around, But I just got a 15lbs bc so I shouldn’t be talking.

24"s and 20"s are so different. The 24" is defiantly WAY faster than the 20." Again, this is another area where its mostly preference 20"s own for hopping, 24"s pwn for dirt if you gota roll over something.

Yeah, I probably will be doing more hoppin’ stuff than rollin’ over stuff. 20" seems like a good choice then. Has anyone used this specific BC, or should I assume that if it is bedford with a 14mm axle and an alex rim, it will be of good quality?

Yeah sounds like a killer setup.

I’ve only ridden on the bedford pro plates, but I liked them alot.

that BC sounds really good though. I think spencer had one of those BC’s. I’m not sure though.

I had one of the earliest bedford deluxe BC’s and they have changed alot since that and have only gotten better.

Definately get the PRO plates, I like them alot better. You might want to wait for the lowered plates to come out so the bolt doesn’t hurt your foot and you have more control of your hops.

Yes, the lowered plates make all the difference, The higher plates hurt your feet so bad, they get bruised, and after a point you just have to stop and wait a week so your feet heal.

Umm yeah it most cases it does. let see,on a unicycle a 20" is easier to ride and do tricks on then a 24", Therefor 20" is better, there for i ride a 20" unicycle cuz its better… ok and 2.5" trials tire is easier to do triks on and jump than a skinny tire, therefor i ride a 2.5" tire cuz its better… and how can you say this is wrong? its my opinion! and people post on forum to get others opinions or they would just e-mail bedford.

And if the longer plates are easier to control would it mean its easier to ride?? and would that be better??

hmm, im not talking about the deluxe BC here, im talking about the basic one.

How do you figure a 20" is easier to ride? I dont see how a 2.5 tire makes tricks harder or easier either.

You need to learn the diffrence between preference and flat out better parts.