Request for Review- Animal Hamilton Pedals, Unsealed

I would like to know if they will grip enough for trials riding, and also how well the bearings hold up. Anything else that someone who owns them or has tried them would like to add would be well appreciated.

sorry, I don’t know anything about the hamiltons, but I just got the hoffman solemate pedals(unsealed) for $30 from danscomp($40 including shipping), and they are awesome. perfect for trials and street. They also come with longer pins if you want more grip.


this is a completely dumb question, but the pedals off of danscomp are sold in pairs right? because i was also thinking of getting these pedals, and nowhere does it say "sold in pairs’’

yeah, they are sold in sets of two.

alright thanks for that

After you’ve used them for a while (maybe a month depending on how hard you ride them), can you report back in and speak about how well the bearings hold up? I don’t have money to waste, so I need to make sure that these pedals will be perfect.

ok sure.

I’ve done quite a few pedal grabs and grinds on them so far, and they are fine. we’ll see in a month or so.

however, I’ve never had any problems with pedal bearing - sealed or unsealed. Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about that.


Except when you’re riding on el cheapo wellgo’s that came on your DX. My left (grab and grind side) pedal has about a quarter inch of play in it. I’ve have bad experience with those pedals. Even my plastics (the kind that come on the torker CX) have held up WAY better than that. They don’t have any play in them at all.

whoah thats weird.


hey man, yeah im ridin those pedals atm, i think there sweet, got good grip, strong, and ive been doin rails 4 ages and they’ve kept good, though they are wearin down frm all the grinds but all pedals do that. so all up there pretty good pedals man


In your opinion, would they be grippy enough for trials? And are you riding with the long or short pins?

Do these pedals fit the Kamando grind plate?

Edit, actually it looks like they would. But dangit, all those colors and they don’t have the ONE colo to match with my unicycle…

what, yellow?


um i didnt even know they had long and short, the pins i got arent that long but they’d still be good 4 trials in my opion.

I got some animal pedals. They are the best pedal ive used for trials, really grippy with the short pins. I havent used the long pins yet. You can move your foot around on the pedal fairly easily.

So how are the bearing holding up?