Reproductive problems from UNI?

Re: Reproductive problems from UNI?

You mention you’re using washers to raise the back of the seat. Have you doing
the reverse?

I think many people find it more comfortable to raise the front of the
seat–forcing your weight onto the back of the seat. You then carry your weight
on your hip bones, instead of your steel balls. It seems a bit counterintuitive
at first, but it results in putting much less of your weight on the front of
the seat.

Many of us tip the fronts up–using Wilder brackets or just drilling holes
further back on the carbon fiber seat.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

Re: Re: Reproductive problems from UNI?

thanks for the suggestion. Raising the front was the very first mod I tried (after I saw some pics showing the massive upward tilt many people prefer). Unfortunately, that does not do the trick for me. Maybe it is related to spine curvature/pelvic tilt/ c/g position?
I appreciate your input,