Representation in Bicycling Magazine

Here’s “The Fringe” section from the August edition of the local “Bicycling Magazine”. The photographers idea was to put muni in the South African context. This was acheived by getting Table Mountain (a landmark in Cape Town) in the shot. Here’s the article:


If you thought a single-speed mountain bike was the simplest and purest vehicle to tear up the singletrack, you were wrong. If you thought unicycling was strictly a circus act, you were wrong. If you thought this kind of thing could only happen in America… Beeep, wrong again. Right here on our doorstep. or rather, at the foot of our Table (Mountain), there are a few youngsters (some just young at heart) who roam the forest tracks on only one wheel. Their skill is surprising, executing technical singletrack that some would never attempt on two wheels. The equipment (trying hard here not to call it a bike) shares similar features to a jump bike: aggressive-looking tires, beefed-up cranks and spiky, shin-hating pedals. But make no mistake, the apparatus is highly specialised. The saddle is banana-shaped, the frame is high-tensile steel and there are more spokes than you could count. Worldwide, the sport is spreading faster than chlamydia in a Bangkok boudoir, with its mutating disciplines, a dedicated magazine and many devoted followers, if the number of hits on is anything to go by. — Niel Gardine

Thought a few folks may be interested in seeing unicycling in mainstream magazines.

Far out!
Thanks for tuning me in.

Great article. Who’s the rider?

That would be me:)

pretty awesome. :smiley:

young at heart… i love it

funny that they are gonna think every uni has loads of spokes (48)… all qu-ax’s fault.

Lovely unicycle :slight_smile: I love my Qu-Ax muni too…

You seem to look much less cartoony in real life. :slight_smile: Do you know if that was just the SA version of Bicycling, or did it go around the world? The writing sounds local.

Great press in either case!

No, but it may seem that way because you only see my back in the photo:p

It was the SA version of the magazine.

Nice work young man!

Just what the sport needs!
Great Job!!


great artical with a horrible title