Reporter looking for OC MUni riders

To all L.A., OC Unicyclists:
I got this email from OC Register reporter looking for unicyclists in OC to do story about MUni. I think he is looking for really good MUni guys like John Foss to do cool drops, hops, etc. (Terry, if you are reading this post, I told the reporter about your great MUni skills!) :stuck_out_tongue:

I ain’t that good so maybe you young folks can show this reporter mad skills while MUni. :smiley: Plus I think the reporter is looking to do story in Tahoe about the " 2006 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, Sept. 22-24".

“Hi. We’re looking to do a story about MUni in the OCR. Wondered if you are actively participating in this sport. Also wondered if you are competing in Tahoe in September event? Or if you know anybody from OC that is? Thanks for any help. Dave Strege <> OC Register”

When I head out to the local trails here and I’ll get noticed by lots of MTB guys and hikers. Wonder if the word got around. :smiley:
Anyways, I suggest anyone going to 2006 CA MUni Weekend to shoot this reporter an email. If I get more info, I will pass it along.

well, we have a bunch of great riders not to far away in SD.


Hey gang an update.

I am told OC Register will be doing a story about MUni soon for their outdoors section. They asked for more info about other MUni people.
So please post responses if you are interested in being in the story.

Miles perhaps SD MUni guys interested, may drive up to do this story?

I will post more updates when available.


Your going have to contact Terry for contacts in OC. I think he has a few. For the Cal MUNi weekend. Best source is to have the reporter contact John Foss directly as he’s organizing it. His email is jfoss (att) unicycling (dott) com

I noticed that there is someone posting here from Orange county and goes by the name jrdugueod. PM him to see if he knows any others.

The reporter is looking for unicyclists who live in OC for the local angle. He contacted me first and I wasn’t sure who was down there (hey, it’s just a TV show I don’t watch; I don’t know which towns are in the OC) so I gave him the idea to try using the forums.

The reporter has already contacted me and I gave him whatever info I could on muni-ers in OC, including my friend Jim (jrdugueod) and the OC kids uni club. He said “great!” and that he’ll be getting back to me soon to set things up.:smiley:

Am I too far away?

Not unless you wanna make the trip down to OC. Mapquest your location to Aliso Viejo, CA to find out the mileage. I’ll guess it’s about 150 miles.

EDIT: It’s about 133 miles.

I’m not too far away

Then you’re in dood!:smiley:

dood? :thinking:


Dude! Whichever.