report on awesome Austin ride

Looks awesome!

This weekend, while riding at the Louisville MUni Rendezvous, the conversation turned to “Your Best MUni Ride” and my first thought was of the Emma Long trail ride where Drew gave me a clinic last spring. Seeing these pics, with many of my buds, made me, again, long to ride the Long Trail.

What are the possibilities of calling a regional MUni for the fall? Pick a date, stand back and see who shows up.


Yeh, Eric. Wish you could have been there, too. Glad we got to pillage the city together, though, on the previous day. Yeh, it’s impressive how good of shape everybody is in. I told 'em, if you could ride like that in Austin heat, then the temperate climate of Santa Barbara will turn you into a superhero on the trails.

Eyal and Julian,

Hey, excellent report! I was the old guy at the Hyatt who asked for a spin on your Munis in the parking lot in Austin last week.

Thanks for the ride and for rekindling an old love! I was inspired enough to order a 28" tourer frfom for street duty here in St. Petersburg, and I now realize I need a muni, a giraffe, and a freestyle ride!

I’m totally stoked to get back into riding, thanks to you!

Best regards,


Paul! Wow, I’m so stoked! For the rest of you guys, I met Paul in the parking lot of my hotel in Austin who jumped right on my muni and rode it like it was nothing after how many years? Paul, I’m glad you got the bug. Between and, you’ve found the right resources to get you going. If you haven’t already, check out the galleries here to show you how far unicycling has come since you last rode a uni. Be in touch,


Wow! Thanks, er, I hope I had something to do with that, and it wasn’t just the awesome trail. Tmornstar and I had an interesting experience in part because it was warm (not hot) and he was pressed for time. Walkage ensued, however, we rode the trail faster (UMX style) which I prefer.

I like to coach or be coached. To improve. Achieve.

I had a similar experience on the same trail.
msCALisi told me to “never straighten the legs all the way (when climbing).” He explained that I would lose strength and it would be better to keep just an inch or two of air over the seat. With that, I INSTANTLY became 20-50-100% better as a rider/roller/climber! I even climbed a section he had trouble with (using his “technology” of course). It’s imprinted on my mind on every ride. I’m no rocket - but I can climb “averagely.” (OK, people still see me gapping a lot, but hey, old habits die hard). I hope he will be at the California Muni Weekend this October with a hydration pack :slight_smile:
This past ride was such a great experience - just like the rides from last year. I wish our local group would get out more - I feel like we’re . . . well . . . not riding. :frowning:

Yes. We are much better when the temp is about 50 degrees. You should see some of the guys that DIDN’T show up! I wish they would come out more.

To Austin Riders…

Hey, Paul G. here. In Tampa, FL. I’m coming to Austin again on business next Tuesday, July 12 and I’ll have my 28" street uni with me.

I’m confused by all the posts and user names… who’s out there from Austin? Eric Lancaster?

Does anyone want to meet for a late afternoon ride on that day? I’ll be staying at the Hyatt on Barton Springs. If I can’t hook up with anyone from the list here, I’ll be riding the easy trails up and down the river.

I hope to see if someone wants to hook me up with a muni for a day and show me some light trail riding!!

Thanks in advance! E-mail me at this weekend…

Hey Paul,
I didn’t get to make the trip to Austin the weekend that you were there, but I think you can reach the Austin group by sending an email here:

I will be in San Antonio on business August 21-23. I am thinking about driving down (from Dallas) and trying to ride some trails over the weekend (Friday, Aug 19 and Sat, Aug 20).

Is this a completely insane idea in the Texas heat. Here in Dallas, I usually try to ride either way early or way late.

CAUTION: I’m not very good yet, so you can’t expect much.

Anyone interested in naming a meeting place and trying it?

Maybe this should be a new thread – I’m kind of new at posting and don’t want to get in trouble with the forum police.

If anyone is interested, please start a thread.


You’re right about the Texas heat:( I haven’t been on my MUni for over a month!!!
You should definately start a thread a few weeks before you come to S.A.
I’ll meet ya’ for an urban ride or Muni ride. I’m sure I could get a group together :slight_smile:

Hey Donna,

Great to see that you are reaching out and continung to make connections. As Kenny suggests, all you need to do is to toss the idea out there with a time and place and the riders will show up.

I hope to see you soon,

Re: To Austin Riders…

Sorry, I haven’t gotten to this earlier. I’m not sure I’ll be available tomorrow evening. I’ll try. Maybe I can find someone else for you to ride with. I’ll email you.