report on awesome Austin ride

Hey all. Just wanted to boast about what a fun time I just had, riding with the Texas boys in Austin this weekend. Me and my buddy Julian - also from Santa Barbara - were in the area on business, and arranged a ride with Eric Lancaster. We got more than we ever could have hoped for.

On Saturday, I met Eric for an urban ride. We started at the South side of Lake Austin, where we met up with two other Erics, Walt, Nate on Coker, and a brave out-of-towner on his 2nd or 3rd uni lesson ever. We made our way through various parks, streets, and bridges in the boiling weather, stopping for rocks, stairs, concrete skinnies, logs, picnic tables, and many other toys along our path. Everyone busted some really great moves. By nightfall, only Nate, Eric and I remained - we found ourselves in the middle of a gay pride parade on 6th St, the most happening street downtown. We managed to reach our destination with only a dozen blocks of honks, calls, and waves.

On sunday, Eric took Julian and I to a trail called City Park, in the Hill Country , where we met up with Steve, Scott Wallis, Jerry, and the infamous Drew (aka “Kanga-Drew” for his kangaroo-like forward hops). Oh, can’t forget Drew’s dog, too. We started the 6 miler in 92 degree weather. Much of it was rocky uphill, so we were forced to prove our uphill rolling and hopping skills - and sometimes lack thereof :slight_smile: Seriously, I was really impressed with how well each rider attacked these steep rockbeds. Now if it wasn’t for Eric, who hid 2 coolers of drinks and snacks for us at the end of the third mile, I might not be here telling the story today. We were literally ready to pass out from the heat, when he unveiled those coolers, exposing about 40 bottles of water and gatorade, oranges, bananas, PBnJ, oreos, fig nuttens, and more. The sight would have brought tears to my eyes if I only had any water left in me. The seven of us sucked those bottles dry in a matter of minutes, and as we gained energy, bonded over stories about the burning effect of dehydration on urination, as well as the one about Steve’s titanium hip. After seeing how well he rides on it, I’m thinking I want one too! The second half of the ride dealt us a little more downhill, and we got loose enough that you could see us getting better in spite of fatigue. Finally the ride was over - boy were we tired.

Then Drew and Steve got the great idea of driving up to Bridge Point, where we’d ride down a super steep, rocky incline pressed right up next to a sheer vertical cliff - well over 100 ft at the peak. We were just crazy enough to accept the invitation, and we finished off with a few priceless drops off some 3-3.5 ft jagged rock faces. I’m sure Eric or Jerry will post those photos and video. Meanwhile, here’s a teaser below of Steve (photo by Jerry).

So, thanks to all the fantastic Texas unicyclists who came out with us, with a special thanks to Eric who saved us from sure dehydration, put a roof over our heads and a bed under our sore, sore butts.



that story was cool…;)(implying 6 gallons of sarcasm)

Looking forward to the pix!

Man, Steves all in black! Those guys must be REALLY accustomed to the heat.

I look forward to more picssss.

thanks for the write-up eyal! i’m working on getting all of the pics up somewhere. i’ll post here with a link as soon as i finish.


here’s a group shot:

jerry,julian,steve,drew(and duke the dog),eric,eyal,scott

As Scott and I made the hour long drive from San Antonio to Austin we both had concerns about the heat and lack of shade. We ended up with a little more of both than we expected. If it had not been for Eric and his 2 GOLD STAR rest stop in the middle of the trail, we would have been in big trouble. If anyone every needs to know how to put together a great ride, with the BEST treats contact Eric. It was handled in true AUSTIN style.

The trail was excellent, alot of challenge. It had something for everyone, and multiple lines to accommodate every riding style. I think it was only about 6 miles long, but in the Texas HEAT, it was perfect.

I was a pleasure to see so many different riding styles. It was alot of fun working the different obsticles, and roll, hop, or plop, we made it up and down just about everything. I have the hill climbing ability of an Armadillo, but Drew is capable of hopping over small building in a single bound. The California guys can ride! I mean RIDE. Eyal is smooth like DQ ice cream. Jerry isnt a hopper, but let me tell ya, that guy can roll! Up hill, down hill, that guy can move. Eric is Eric, just when you think, " wow, thats tough", we crusies through the line and motors on leaving to wonder.

We had no MUNI breakage. We had custom build Scott Wallis products, Kris Homles gear,, ETC and they all took a lick’n, but kept on tick’n!

Jay-Are and I will be flying out to California this week for a quick vacation and are planning on meeting with Eyal for a quick weekend ride on his home trails, and will keep everyone informed with pics and stories.

On a lighter note, for all of you who know Eyal, do you really know him, or are we riding with…

could it be eyal...jpg

That was a brutally fun ride. Thanks for the great write-up Eyal! It was really good to have you and Julian come for a visit. Thanks for making time to ride with us, even if it was IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON! But hey, it didn’t kill us so now we must be stronger. Eric will never be forgotten for the hidden refreshment treasure. My Camelback was bone dry at that point. You forgot to mention how much we enjoyed the pickles that were in the ice chest by Scot Cooper’s recomendation. Those tasted amazingly good.
There should be some good pictures and video coming. And by the way it was Emma Long Park that we rode in. I think it was decided that City Park would have been too cool and shady for us to ride there.


PS. we want pictures, we want pictures, we want pictures…

Emma Long and City Park are both commonly used names for the same place.

Doh! That’s why I have always been so confused.
That’s yet another ploy to confuse outsiders and “Keep Austin Weird”.

I have a gallery here with my pics and also Jerry’s:

I’ll get to the videos later…


Sounds like great fun. Makes me wish NJ was closer to Texas. If any of you travel anywehere near NJ please contact me. Your rides sound a lot like the ones we do once a week here in NJ and we have excellent trails in the Garden State.

Ha! Steve, there’s an easy way to tell the difference between me and Matthew Mcconaughey… I’ve never dated Penelope Cruz. But… if you really think I look like him, maybe I could pull the ol’ switcharoo :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the pics and posts. Scott and Eric, I think that trail needs a new name. It doesn’t look like a mere “City Park,” and calling it “Emma” makes it sound so wussy.

Of course, Scott, the pickles! I had like 6 of them. How could I forget?

Steve, tell us the dates you plan to come down. Maybe we could get the Santa Cruz and San Diego studs here, too.


my trip is a quick one, I arrive tomorrow night, and fly back saturday night. my office number is 210-946-5511. Call me for more details. for the rest of the world, if your going to prank call, atleast make it funny…

Man. Talk about taking the wind out of my sails.:smiley:

Nice! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time. Pickles are the way - especially on hot days!


Sounds and looks like a good time… sigh oh to MUni again…

On the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) southern sections, there are “Trail Angels” that put out such coolers or water jugs. No matter how much water you put on your back, it’s never enough, and these caches are always gratefully received. Quite often they are literal lifesavers. One such cache had a bunch of candy bars too!

Hiking in the Houston area to train for the PCT was very enjoyable despite the lack of hills. A very different terrain than here in the Northeast!

It really was a pleasant day with wonderful people. The only down side of hanging out with these guys is, it makes me realize how much I need to improve. I was foolish enough to think I had sucked my camel-back down to where only ice was left in it. When refuelling at Erics hidded oasis, I realized it was bone dry.

Texas is a great place to visit, it even provides the guys from Austin a chance to ride with the guys from San Antonio and the guy from Houston… you-all come on down anytime. (If Austin isn’t weird enough, Houston is only a few hours away.)


The ride that we did was described:

Ssatan’sss 66 & and the Ssick Assscent
Thisss trail (alssso known asss “Emma Long” in “City Park”) isss bessst ridden at temperaturesss under 66 degreesss. Once the temp. goesss higher than that, Ssatan’sss ssspirit sssubtlely ssseizesss the trail and quite a bit of ssstepping (walking) ensssuesss. Trialsss like hopping and at leassst 100 1" dropsss accent thisss sssingle track loop. The dissstance isss five to ssseven milesss.

(from here: Satan’s 66)

Note the date. Early April. Doing it mid-June is actually dangerous. The trail is tough at 66 degrees. We chose to ride it with an additional 33 degrees to prove our faith.

I, too, had an empty hydration pack at the midway point. Nonetheless, we were all able to survive because Eric put (what turned out to be) a huge “first aid” kit right at the location that was needed. Eric definately was the Massiah that protected us and delivered us from evil.

Religion and all, I really had a great time!

“Eyal” rides with such control that it almost makes the sections look as boring as they do in photos. He’s super-smooth - and may have been the best “all around” rider on the ride.

Steve Tyo always takes downhill sections everyone avoids (until I/we see him do them and get jealous). It’s scary stuff. Steve is always right about the sections . . . the ARE ridable. ?!

Eric, Jerry G and Scott Wallis remind me that I need to get a better spin. They are fast and pedalling machines - opting to roll stuff that I freeze and hop over.

Julian reminded me of my beginning days - except he didn’t complain. He was exhausted, but he never came off with an ungreatful tone. Such a trooper.

Duke, (my dog) was just as impressive as the above riders. He overheats badly (but still wants to go along). There was less hidden water out there than I predicted. Riders (especially Scott) shared there water with Duke even at their own risk! He has learned to stay out of the way - and the way he interacts with the group . . . it’s almost like he is a unicyclist.

I opted to leave my arm armour behind, and ended up with some minor scratches and a sore chin (that hit rock).

The word of the day was “mas·och·is·tic:”
2. liking and inviting misery: tending to invite and enjoy misery

Next time, we’ll probably ride along one of the numerous creeks - and do a muni/swim ride to keep cool and such.

I am looking forward to riding with ALL of these guys again at the California Muni Weekend coming up in October! All but Eric have committed so far - and I am going to bug him badly . . . until he commits as well. :o

I had a great time, although the pace you old people set is a bit high for us young 'uns. We’re used to stopping at a place for half an hour and y’all just truck it everywhere. When I finish up my video I’ll post it (you’re in a few parts).

Great ride (although I’m going to have to practice gliding now)

Walt “The Dynamic” Rinehart

This is one of the Erics. It was fun riding with you Eyal. I’m sorry I missed out on the parade downtown :stuck_out_tongue: I can only handle so much of people calling and honking at me. heh

The muni ride looked like fun, kinda wish I would have stayed for it, but knowing those old guys, I surely would have died riding with them. They’re in too good of shape, it’s SCAREY!:slight_smile: