replacing seat bolts?

is it it possible to replcae the seat bolts with a longer bolt so that I can tilt it more?


thank you

or you can hit the plate at the top of your post with a hammer to bend it in such a way so it will make your saddle have more tilt… and you dont have to pull ya saddle apart…

I would advise against doing this. The plate at the top of the post is one of the highest-stress areas on a unicycle, people are always breaking their posts there. If you bend it, it’ll be more likely to break.

I agree, and you’re also likely to crack the welds that secure the plate to the seatpost, setting you up for a sudden failure further down the line.

rebuilt seat

I broke the bolts that came out of my seat. (Torker DX) KH style seat. I just removed the 500 or so staples and peeled back the cover and replaced the bolts. They are simple 1/4 inch carrage bolts in a metal plate. Then I just replaced the cover. I glued it down with Shoo Goo II, and re-stapled it with a staple gun with short staples (it is the same as working with wood. The glue does the work and the nails just hold it in place). It has been working fine. I hope this is what you were asking. Sorry if not.


P.S. Total repair time (including the trip to the Hardware store) < 1 hour