Replacing Pedal Pins

I cant find a place to buy replacement pins for pedals… I have the Primo pedals, and most of the pins are grinded down and they are really slippery :frowning:
Does anyone know where I can buy them?
Also, how can I tell if my pedals are on backwards? And how would that mess up the cranks if they were?

Thanks :smiley:

Also, I was thinking of painting my primo pedals black with sprayy paint (they are blue-ish right not)…
Does anyone have advice on doing this? Should I just take out the pins and spray it?

your pedals will generally have an L or R printed on the spindle, if you have them in the wrong way round it can loosen/strip them
as for pins, i dunno

:smiley: I want to get these coloured pedals for my next modded unicycle. :smiley:

OMG those looks awesome!!! :astonished:

Oh ok, thanks :smiley:

I would like to see you even be able to put them on wrong.

Left pedals generally have left hand threads, and right pedals have right hand threads.

Always start threads by HAND first. If it’s not smooth, something is wrong, or it’s dirty in the threads.

Also, platform pedals are designed in a parallelogram shape so they rotate for your shoe to sit on them properly. Short side on the back, long side in front.

I found the pins on my pedals are far to bashed up to remove.

Those are clip-less pedals, you sure you want your feet clipped in whilst ridding?

okay why do yheey call them CLIPP-LESS if they are the ones you have to clip into. confuses me very much.

because… hmmm actualy i don’t know what i’m talking about, ignor me.

the ‘clips’ in ‘clipless’ refers to a basket or toe strap that the foot locates in. This photo shows, standard, clipped and clipless pedals.

ah thank you.

Im probably gonna get new pedals… What pedals should I get for Muni at my LBS? (They are a provider thingy store) :smiley:

I dont need any amazing carbon fiber 2 gram gold plated pedals or anything, just pedals with good grip