replacing "lollipop"

I have a 24"er with the infamous lollipop bearings. I’m starting to learn to hop after 30yrs and am afraid this uni won’t take a lot of abuse. I don’t see myself doing more than 12" to 15" drops on a good day.(I’m 175 lbs)
Does the Torker LX handle moderate abuse, or should I go all in with a KH?


I think you’re just looking for an excuse, probably not to not learn hopping, but justification to buy an KH.

Yes, I think you should upgrade: then you don’t have an excuse anymore to not be able to hop.

I learned hopping on a uni with lollipop bearing holders. Nothing wrong with that as long as you check the bolts regularely. Later I upgraded the uni with a new flatcrown frame.

The middle ground would be to go with a nimbus. You really want a solid hub and a double walled rim for hopping over a few inches. You can cushion the landing on a cheaper wheel, but screw up once on a moderate drop and you could taco it. . . Does kinda sound like you want a KH. : P Go for it if you have the cash to blow. You can never go wrong with a KH.

My trials uni is a hybrid of different brands, and its Impact and Nimbus parts are all excellent, as are its KH parts, except for the hub, which I had to replace with a Nimbus hub because of a defect that most KH hubs had until very recently.

Not all Nimbus seatposts are created equal, and if you really plan to do a lot of hopping, the Nimbus CrMO seatpost will last longer than the Nimbus alloy seatpost and is well worth the slightly higher price.

In my experience, KH is slightly overrated and overpriced, so if you want to spend a lot of money on a good hopping unicycle, Impact would be my recommendation, though Nimbus is quite good as well.

If this uni has lollipops …

Thanks for all the advice everyone. It’s great to have real scenarios of what people have put them through.

juggleaddict, I’d say Nimbus is more upper end of mid-priced. Excellent option though!

Alice, that frame strikes me as having an abrupt transition right at the lollipop mounts.