Replacing hub, axel and crank arms

Hey folks, I think this goes here…

I have a trainer unicycle from cycle pro in martha’s vinyard, MA. It has seen a long and eventful life from what I hear, and it’s axle has suffered. I need (want to) replace the axle, hub, and crank arms, but I don’t know what with. the hub has 14 holes on each side, and a width (from system of holes to system of holes) of (60 +/- 1) mm. The holes are (28 +/- .5) mm from the axis of rotation. My cranks are (153 +/- 1) mm from the axis of rotation of the wheel to the axis of rotation of the pedals.
First, could somewone tell me what the proper languages is for what I just said if there is any? Secondly, could somebody recomend a hub/axle assembly (and perhaps crankarms, coterless) that would be suitable for this unicycle (preferably that could take a beating)? I would like to spend under 100 $ for the whole assembly, preferably under 60.

Thank’s in advance for your advice ! :slight_smile:


I think a much better option would be to buy a Torker LX. It will be under a hundred dollars on ebay. Replacing parts like that could get expensive. If you are going to be replacing all those parts, it’s worthwhile to replace the whole wheelset (or unicycle). Here is a decent wheelset. But it’s still not as strong as the Torker, and you still need cranks to go on it. The saddle on the Torker is likely to be much better then the saddle you have now.

They come with 20 or 24 inch wheels.

edit: I guess if you really wanted to upgrade the uni you have, you could get this and some cheap cranks. But you need to get the wheel rebuilt. It is something you can do yourself you know how, but it will cost about $30 to get a bike shop to do it.

I totally agree with you! -or would if the upgraded unicycle were for me. It’s for my sister. She’s never riden before, so will not be putting any unusual stress on it. The rest of the uni works just fine so I see no need to replace it. However, I have spent over 30 can already on repairs that have proven beyond dout that these components need replacement. Also, I have already added padding to the saddle. The only question remaining is if the seat post will be able to take her weight… let’s hope it will :slight_smile:

the components you suggest, which I have no dout will be absolutely sufficient, will cost me around 45-50 can. (shippin included) -a very decent price :slight_smile: (I will do the work myself)

just so you know, the reason I am organizing this is that I just sent my nephue a unicycle with training wheels, !! and my sister is now interested in learning -if she does it’ll be beautiful -imagine mother and son learning to ride together! -then riding with the uncle!

by the way, he’s six years old :slight_smile:

As for me… I’m getting in line for schlumpfs geared uni. :slight_smile:

Another question:

“Hello, I am not familiar with a Torker TX so I don’t know if I have a 28 tooth sprocket that will work or not. A definite maybe. Please let me know what you have and perhaps I can help you out. Mark”

I am trying to gear up my torker tx. (replace the upper sprocket).
does anybody know what mark needs to know? -or has for sale what I need?

Sorry, I can’t help you there, but if you post in RSU, I’m sure you’ll get more replies.