Replacements on DX.

kk, i have heard about how my DX, will eventually brake no matter what i do lol.

So if anything does break, can you guys give me a list of what to replace it with like frame, pedals cranks, seatpost.

(my cover (the staples on one side) have already started to come off, how much is another cover.

Then how long will The pedals cranks and stuff last.

Ive already heard in like 5 months or less the frame breaks but just in case, im broke now, but my parents are just now thinking bout starting me up wit an allouance. (or however you spell it).

Then on the side would a KH, frame fit the DX, then whats the price, then what would be a better deal like the 05 06 07 04 or whtever years.

the kh will fit on the dx if you shim the bearings out 2mm. a seat cover is like 10 bucks? if you break cranks or the hub then go to a lbs that deals torker and get the same one unless you want quax. a kh frame is 200 by the way.

The hub and cranks are super strong, I kind of doubt you will have an issue with them. I’ll also be surprised if your frame breaks in under a year. Fusion seat covers cost around 15 dollars I believe.

Stop worrying about your unicycling breaking and just have fun with it, when the time comes the time comes.

Also, If you want to know how much anything costs… Check on… thats Make it your homepage or something.

Frame -> Nimbus II-Koxx-KH-Qu-Ax.

Not much will brake except the frame. If your pedals do (mine havent, and they are he stock welgos from almost 9 months ago) break, just get whatever you want. Pedals are a preference, so you should just try them out.

Your seat, you can get a fusion cover, or just staple the cover back on. Probably cut down the foam while your at it.

Hub and cranks are strong. I do 8+ foot drops, so I end up stressing them a lot, and they are perfect. Its possible to break though, but they are still very very good.

Your seat post may break, but probably not. Its a 25.4mm diameter, which are strong even for stock posts. If you do, they are cheap to replace. You could go with a expensive one, like a Thompson, but then youll need a rail-adapter, or de-rail base from Scott Wallis. Could take the opportunity to test the new Koxx post.

Hmm, spokes you can upgrade to Sapim double-butted spokes. You really dont need them though.

The Alex DX32 rim is very strong, and you probably wont brake that. If you do, there are plenty of rims to choose from. KH, Koxx, ViZ. Just remember, your DX hub is 48 holed, and most rims are 32 or 36 holed now.

That pretty much covers it lol.

Pedals… Jim Cielencki’s, pretty much everyone who rides them loves them.

you may break you seat stiffener plate, that sucks, i broke mine a month after I got it. I made one myself and it is much better.

list of things that you may break
you probably won’t break anything for a while. Its not something to worry about.

ummm,if the frame breaks, wht would you guys suggest getting, for a reasonable price not 200 dollars lol, like 75 or lower.

a nimbus 2 frame as jerrick said.

nimbus 2 frame… something like $40 … very strong and lighter

gah! you beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d recomend nimbus II or the Koxx1 Devil Crmo (probably a bit better) but probs ahrder to get hold of.

And its not as if the DX seat is weaker than any of the other stock KH (also Koxx I believe) style seats, they all use the velo seatbase.

hm, i thought the new KH seats were a little different(less curve), but my seat may just be permanenly tweaked. thats lame that they make seats that weak.

$10 says this unicycle will last till you just go out and buy another one anyways.

yeah, other than a few small things