replacement wheel assemblies

When searching UDC or other uni parts suppliers, I cannot find a replacement for the entire wheel. For example, I trashed my Torker CX 20 inch wheel. Parts suppliers offer replacement components such as hubs, rims, spokes, tires & tubes but, they do not offer an entire wheel assembly. I wonder why?

So far, my solution has been to buy another used uni from a Craigslist ad and use the “new” wheel. This solution is cheaper than buying the individual components and assembling them. However, I am tired of this process and look forward to stepping up to a better brand. I have learned many valuable lessons from my Torkers, but am really ready to move up to a Nimbus or KH.

Does anyone know why the suppliers do not offer a package deal on a built up wheel assembly?


Some suppliers do sell complete wheels. has a few but both of their 20" wheels are 100mm bearing pitch, You’d have to cold set (bend) your frame legs out 4mm each to fit either of those wheels. also carries some Sun and Torker unicycle parts, including wheels, but for the Torker CX they only have a 24" wheel. You can also find wheels sometimes on ebay.

A built wheel is the most expensive part of the unicycle. On a starter unicycle like the CX I don’t think there is much point for UDC to stock spare wheels. Most people either give up unicycling or move on to higher end uni before (or if) they trash a starter uni.

Other wheels UDC builds to suit so why build up spare wheels and wait for them to sell.


thanks for your answer. I guess it is time for me to invest in a better quality wheel like Nimbus…perhaps to a bigger wheel too! :slight_smile:

Have you tried calling or mailing UDC? I broke the hub on my starter 24", sent a mail to and asked if they could assemble a new wheelset. No problems. :slight_smile:

I trashed a cheap Norco hub while learning to ride (around 3 weeks) and the store I bought from replaced the whole wheelset on the spot. They said they’d “Never seen that happen”. I guess the didn’t sell very many unicycles!

I wish there was a site that sold replacement giraffe wheels :frowning: still never got mine fixed or gotton another one.