Replacement Spokes For a 19" Trials Wheel

Tonight I broke my first spoke. It just snapped at the threads as I landed a trick. I took it out and am ready to replace it, but was wondering where to get new spokes. Can you just buy them at a bike shop? Can they cut spokes to be the right length?

Some shops can cut spokes for you. A lot of shops keep a variety of lengths in stock, and could very well have your length ready to go. Measure your spoke from the inside of the elbow to the end of the threads.

Thanks for the information, I’ll take in the broken spoke when I go.

LBS’s do carry a variety of spokes, but if yours is typical, I’d say it’s unlikely they have one for a 19".

Although most can cut one down to size for you. I’d bring in the whole uni.

I get spokes for really cheap from DansComp. (about $0.10 US dollars per spoke) I always order them at a length of 173 mm because thats what the nimbus trials has for spoke length. idk about the one you ride though, but i can’t imagine it being much different.

I had that problem last year… I broke 3 spokes in 3 months, and just had the bike shop rebuild the wheel Inititally I went to the LBS around the corner, and they actually sent me to a competitor, saying “They’re the only ones in town who can cut a spoke to that length”. Nice thing about the bike shops in Ottawa is they (so far) seem to have no problem recommending the competition if something’s not in stock or not normally carried, but somewhere else generally does.