replacement shins

does anybody know where i can get replacement shins from? it took me a while before I could afford my 661’s and my gusset pedals made a mess of my shins, its got to the point where today I jumped over a metal railing, and my trailing leg didnt quite make it, i took a patch of skin off and theres jus white tissue there now (makes me feel sick), this happened back in september, everytime i catch my shins on anything now i i loose all the skin.
does anybody else have shins as messed up as mine?

i bought sixsixone shinguards off of for only $20

4x4 shin.jpg

yeah ive already got some 4x4’s but its just its getting to the point wheer im goin to have to wear them when i just go out without the uni

If you had shinguards, how did your legs get all busted up?