Replacement Seat Suggestions

I picked up a secondhand 24" Torker a couple months ago after a friend lent me his 18". So far I’ve learned to ride but sadly I busted my seat while practicing today and would like some input from more experienced riders. What seat should I be looking at for a replacement?

Not sure where you’re located but this is what I bought.
If I remember right the total was about $32 USD to my door.

That is a hard price to beat. Do unicycle seats usually feature a standard bolt pattern? I’d hate to buy it only to find out it isn’t compatible. That’s the only thing from purchasing right now.

Do you have a CX or LX? If it’s LX, you’ll need a new seat post. Not sure about a CX.

Unistar CX. I’ve no experience with unicycle parts so any other input is welcome from those that might know.

I found this thread about CX seats. I think this info will help you out.

Much appreciated.

Got new seat today and the bolt pattern doesn’t match up :(. To avoid another mistake I measured my current seatpost and I came up with a 0.885 inch = 22.5mm diameter. Some sites that I’ve found that with 22.2ww diameter are Steel unicycle seat posts,, 22.2mm, 25.4mm, 27.2mm are what I’ve seen, which size is the most common post diameter?

My new seat that Djphelan01 gave me the link to has a 0.67 inch = 17mm center to center hole spacing with and 2.45 inch = 62.23 mm spacing length for the bolts, is this a standard? All things unicycle are new to me so please bear with me.

This is Standard:

22.2mm is common for steel seatposts, especially for freestyle
25.4mm and 27.2 are more common. 25.4 are typical for Qu-Ax and Nimbus, 27.2 is typical for KH. Don’t know what other manufacturers use

The previous owner must have swapped out the seat/seatpost with a LX model.

The LX seat is better than the CX one but has the old miyata bolt pattern which is barely used anymore (at least outside of Japan).

If you are handy with tools you might be able to modify the seatpost to accept a standard seat. The end result would look something like this, but you would use the inner holes on the new seat.

If you are getting a new seatpost to go with your new saddle (recommended) the “heavy duty” steel post at would be the best budget option. The lighter 22.2mm steel posts you can get from other sellers get bent really easily. A bit more money would get you a much lighter aluminum post which which also is less prone to twisting in the frame.

Good luck and sorry to hear you ended up with incompatible parts.

miyata combo.png

The new seat is a wonderful addition to my uni, a great improvement over the original seat. I’m really liking that the handle is something that can actually be used and ergonomically fits. Absolutely no complaints so far.

As a side question how does one go about keeping the seat from turning. If I have a UPD or have to catch my balance quickly sometimes the seat gets knocked a bit to the left or right, even though I have the post as tight as I can get it.

Do you have a single quick release clamp?

Check, if the seatpost and the inside of the frame are free from any form of grease/ lube.

Try out a stronger seatpost clamp.

Double clamps are always stronger than single ones and clamps with bolts are always stronger than quick release clamps.

My uni has a single quick release. I tightened it a week back and that made a large difference. When I was working on getting my new seat on the post did/does have grease in the collar/neck area. I used an old toothbrush and cleaned it out as best I could. If my quick release is permanently affixed via tap welds is it worth it trying to remove it for a new clamp? I have the feeling that in the long run it’d be worth it to get a new(er) and better uni.