Replacement seat (Kris Holm Question)

SO! I just learned to ride my CX about a month ago :smiley:

And with my birthday coming up I was thinking of getting a new seat, preferabley nothing too expensive, the highest id be willing to go is the Kris Holm seat, which kind of confused me a bit…

As I know there are three models of KH seats? the Freeride and the Street, as well as the new Fusion Saddles, Yet I cannot find an accurate description of how each seat differs from the other, only that the KH seats are made of magic and unicorn hair.

I am not interested in tricks, just a comfortable seat for casually riding around.

Any suggestions?

For comfort you will want to go with the “Fusion freeride”. The “street” seat is not padded nearly as much as the freeride.

KH currently makes 2 models: The Fusion Street and the Fusion Freeride.

Both of them have the same base which is an updated base that only comes in KHs and Nimbus. It’s different from all the other Velo bases you find in other brands…

The difference is on the foam insert. The KH Street is thin and have a better shape for spin tricks… The Freeride have a thicker foam… Better for long distance and Muni riders…

It’s not that hard to modify the foam yourself too. With a kitchen knife and sandpaper work you should be able to do it… So, if you don’t know if you will try tricks and street/trials stuff, I would suggest the freeride one… And you can modify it in the future :D! That’s what I did to my first saddle a long time ago!

If you already like trials/street or feels great with less foam, go fusion street…

Pedro! :smiley:

Ah okay I thought the fusion was a completely different model xD

And are you saying that no KH model will fit the CX post?
Hmm I guess I’l have to look around for a different seat then…

Although serious juggling says that the KH freeride “Fits most posts, such as Kris Holm, Torker CX or DX, Schwinn, Semcycle, and others. Does not fit Miyata or Torker LX/AX/TX without purchasing a separate post.”

so i guess im choosing between the

#KH Freeride

#Torker Freestyle

#Schwinn Gel Saddle

I’m looking into reviews but if anyone is familiar with these itd be a great help :smiley:

The base shape is different, also the construction, but the seatpost screws pattern is the same as K1, QUAX and the biggest part of the other brands…

We used to have two main seatpost models: Myiata style (not used that much anymore) and the normal one. I’m not sure about the Torker, but I guess it uses the normal one (KH, QUAX…)

Go with the KH! You won’t regret! Also, the 2010 KH Base supports a stiffener plate that can make your saddle even more solid than it is :wink: EDIT: Almost forgot: It also have a removable cove… So if your cover gets way too used you can replace it without replacing the entire seat! Also allows you to upgrade to a Carbon Fiber base in the future :wink:

My KH seat is made with bulldog hair.

But I’m not sure if it came that way, or if that happened afterward…

IMHO KH Freeride is the best seat I have ever tried in nearly 20 years of unicycling.
(Although I did manage London to Brighton, 58 miles, on a standard Sem saddle!)

KH also has a replaceable cover.