Replacement seat for Torker CX, suggestions needed

I want to replace my stock seat on my torker CX (24" wheel), I am done using it for learning and it looks pretty bad and is uncomfortable for riding longer than a few hours at a time. Now i need a new seat but i am worried that if i order one it wont be compatible with the post size or that it will be uncomfortable. Anyone have any suggestions for a comfortable seat for long rides in the price range of about 30-50$ that is compatible?

-Kris Holm Fusion Freeride~$60

-Terry’s mod on the Kris Holm fusion freeride ~$70 plus some time on your part
$60 if you have the materials.

-Custom air seat ~$0-$65 depending on if you have materials and are willing to do quite a bit of the work yourself. Duct tape could quite possibly be your biggest expense.(old inner tube, seat cover, base, duct tape, optional foam, ect.)
+$$ if you go crazy with it.

-Nimbus Gel~$40, might not be that big of an improvement.


-No-brand seat that comes on some unicycles, including Cyclepro-$132.26 in clothing damage

-New seatpost if in fact whatever you go with has a different bolt pattern~$10-$20

so basically what you are saying is that i am not going to be able to spend less than 50$ for a seat, have it be comfortable, and get to keep my manhood? well damn :frowning:

EDIT: Not that losing my manhood would really be very comfortable anyway :confused:

He isn’t kidding about the Viscount, but the Savage is worse. That seat causes maximum chaffage. I’ve heard that some people really like the Nimbus Gel, but I’ve never ridden it. The freeride is great for long rides.

And yep, you need a new post. Saddles aren’t cheap, but its one of the most important parts of your uni, since a poor one will cause so much pain.

I have found the Nimbus gel saddle to be pretty uncomfortable. The part where the top of the saddle meets the sides feels really sharp to me, since I am pretty skinny and don’t have much natural padding for my thighs :wink:

The KH Fusion Freeride has a lot more padding and feels much more comfortable.

Alright i guess this isn’t going to be as simple or cheap as i thought it might be, If cost wasn’t really too much of a factor (keeping it reasonable) what has everyone found to be the least painful saddle?

For me, the kris holm fusion freeride is by far the best seat.

But really, if you are getting serious about riding (and it sounds like you are) then you should probably ditch the CX

It is a child’s learner unicycle and is really not very nice. If you keep riding the amount that you are things are going to be breaking and needing to be replaced constantly.

If you can afford it I would just get a Kris Holm unicycle, which are by far the best unicycles out there, and an amazingly good deal. Nimbus unicycles are also good too.


I definately plan on getting a different unicycle, although, nothing has been broken or even taken considerable damage, and also things for me are a bit tight because i just quit my job and I am currently in search of a different one (food service SUCKS!) , so i think i will keep the CX for the next few months.

The cx is fine for general road riding

The KH free ride seat is the best I have tried off the shelf. I have been meaning to email AEB and ask if they would sell one for less then the 55 $ retail.

In any event, should you buy a new KH seat, you don’t need a new seat post. The LX and AX series Torker’s have a wide bolt pattern. Your cx has the narrow bolt pattern and will take a KH seat.

Note that on this link, UDC sells a post that will fit cx, Nimbus and KH seats.:slight_smile:

I posted about my uncomfortable seat in another thread and got lots of good suggestions. I did a little searching and found that the seat on mine is the Savage. It is a royal piece of excrement and I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

guys!!! this kids come off a cx seat cx are about as good a a 2X4 with nails in it

dude get the nimbus gel it’s perfect i have it i love it i could ride for hours in it
and it cheap 38$ cheaper than a crap lx seat and half the cost of a kh seat

my only beef with it is i just broke one but i would have broke a kh if i had one
cuz they have the same base

but bottom line is when your ready to get a new uni to it here’s what i would do is the nimbus 24
from here you can go to a kh frame when you have 200$ burning a hole in your pocket then you’ll have really sweet ride

The Nimbus gel isn’t so bad

The rounded shape on mine sometimes made it feel like the seat was on crocked. Not everyone fits seats the same, so different opinions can be right.

It is worth the extra $ for a KH free ride IMHO. If there is one place on a uni you don’t want to save 20 $, it’s the seat.

Don’t worry that your cx is a cheapy. Unicycles are just a collection of parts, and if you aren’t riding the cx next year, you can still be enjoying your nice KH seat on your next ride.:slight_smile:

Ya, I mentioned it, it’s the same design as the one that comes on cyclepros.
They’re just too ashamed to write the brand name on it.

Nah, I think a 2x4 with nails in it would be a lot more comfortable than this piece.

yea, it might be easier to change the pressure points it stresses.

Regarding that, the Nimbus Gel is OK if you stand up on the pedals and use your arm to put some weight on the saddle handle every once in a while. You can also sit way back on the saddle when you get too saddle-sore. In my experience, you just have to to that twice as often as you would on the freeride;)

A comfortable seat is the most important upgrade you can make IMO. Any of the following seats will fit on your stock seat post.

The KH Fusion Freeride is definitely worth the $ for ideal comfort.

I have that seat as well as (in order of decreasing comfort) KH Air, Nimbus Gel, DX/'05 KH Fusion, CX, Cyclepro seat, and LX.

The Nimbus is reasonably comfortable and the easiest to hold SIF.

The KH Air takes the stress off my back the best on drops (I had to redo the Duck Tape on it 6 times @ 45 min each to get it right).