Replacement seat cover?

The saddle handle on my uni broke the other day and since the saddle cover is pretty worn and torn, I thought I might as well get a new one. Would this one fit properly?

what saddle do have? if it is a kris holm is it a fusion or street?

It looks like the fusion shown in the picture on UDC, so it will probably fit.

I beleve both will fit, but the fusion street will fi better. Just let sombody who knows a little more conferm this statment.

The fusion street seat looks thinner than the one he has, so the cover is probably too small.

the cover you had on there looks to me like the kris holm freeride cover. I dont know if that is different
from the fusion cover. It looks like the fusion cover would fit, but it really depends on how thin the foam that is on the seat is. If it is very thin then the fusion might be too large. What is the thickness of the foam including the base?

Get the fusion.

it should work, either that or just buy a new kh saddle all together

It’s about 5.1 centimeters. Thanks for your comments everyone, they’re very helpful.