Replacement sealed bearings... for Wellgo sealed axles.. (e.g. 24 Butterflies, Mags)

Hey, i’ve been getting sick of my Primos slipping out on me whenever I’m doing trials, so I am looking into borrowing a pair of NS Leg Eater pedals, which are damn grippy.

But, there is one hickup… the left pedal of that pair suffers from the common 24 butterfly problem, where the bearing seems to commit suicide and immense amounts of wobble start happening, and then the body falls off the axle…

Does anyone know where to replacement sealed bearings for these? I know that all of these pedals’ spindles are all made by Wellgo: Try-All Magnesium, 24 Butterfly, NS Leg Eater, Gusset SlimJim, and more… So, would anyone know where to buy them directly? Could UDC (UK) possibly get some in? I’ll have to ask Roger later, but yeah, is there no other quick-fix that’ll do the job temporarily?

Any help’d be good,

Try these maybe? They look grippy and never hear anything bad about them.

No, that’s not the point mate,

I don’t want to buy new pedals, I simply want to get replacement bearings… that’s the whole point of this topic. NS Leg Eaters are amazing, and I’d rather repair a set with new bearings than buy a whole new pair of pedals.

But, those Drive pedals do look OK, i’ve seen 'em before, but meh, they all have the same shitty axles made by Wellgo… ergh. :angry:

My bad. Sorry I don’t really know where to get different bearings. I’m sure if you get the size you could just google it or something. But maybe not, I’m just guessing.

No worries mate, I’m really also wondering where that website was that had all the Wellgo models listed… it was like some sort of official site for Wellgo pedals, but it is damn hard to find on google.

The bearing size used in the Wellgo pedals I have are:
13mm OD, 6mm ID, 5mm wide

The bearing number is 686-ZZ (ZZ means metal shields on both sides of the bearing). 686-2RS would be two rubber shields.

You can find rolls of 10 of those bearings on eBay. For example this auction. I would suspect you should be able to find a similar auction in the UK or EU.

Ah thanks John, that’s awesome!

Do you know if Wellgo keep the same style of bearing on all of their sealed pedals?

These are the pedals I’m borrowing off a friend, it’s just his left pedal that has fallen off the axle, well, we are assuming that the axle is a Wellgo one because no other sealed axles fail so catastrophically and they look similar to Butterfly’s axles too…

There is a very good chance that the bearing size is the same. It’s a common size used for pedal bearings for many brands of pedals.

excellent, I’ll have my Primo Balance and Gusset Slimjims to steal bearings off then… hope it works… Well, do you find that replacing the bearing does the trick? Does anything else need replacing like bushings maybe?

Grease for the bushings is helpful. Depending on the pedal design you may also find that replacing the o-ring seal can also stop some play in the pedal. You can find generic general purpose rubber o-rings at well stocked hardware stores (at least in the US). You’ll have to experiment with finding the right size. Buy several in sizes that look about right and see what size works best.

Ok, I’ve been phoning around, and not even the UK distributor knows what the replacement bearing code is for the Leg Eaters. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack it seems.

So, I came up with one theory… after juggling about with trying to steal bearings off some other sealed pedals lying around in Joe’s shed of broken parts. Here’s what I found:

Primo Balance- takes 8mm nut at the end of axle.
Gusset Slimjim- takes 9mm nut at the end of axle.
NS Leg Eater- takes 10mm nut at the end of axle.

Therefore, I tried using the Primo and Gusset bearings but obviously they were a tad too small to slide onto the thicker NS axle. So, I came up with this theory: I need to take a cartridge bearing off a set of pedals with a similar sized axle… well, what other sealed pedals take a 10mm nut?

I was told that DMR V12s take a 10mm nut inside, so theoretically, the V12 bearings should fit inside my axle. But, I don’t want to take that gamble, and order one for £5, only to find it doesn’t fit for some odd reason or other.

So, could any of you V12 owners do me a favour? See and confirm whether or not a 10mm socket piece does indeed screw the little nut sitting on the end of the axle. And also possibly provide me with an ‘M’ number for the thread size on the end of the axle? (e.g. M5, M4, M3… whatever it may be?) that way, I can do the same for my NS axle, and if they match up, then I can simply order a V12 bearing.


I have a set of DMR v 12 mags

Nice pedals, though hard to find in the USA now that AE Bike doesn’t have them anymore.

DMR V12’s use a bearing # 607zz which are 7 mm ID x 19mm OD x 6mm wide

You can see the number on the side of the bearing.

It generally will damage the bearing when you drive it out, so it will be hard to swap between pedals.

I would heat the pedal with boiling water, then install the new bearing from the freezer, so it will be smaller and fit in the expanded hole better.

If you type 607zz into search, this site has them 20 for 25 $

I don’t know if it would be worth it to ship across the pond. Maybe, as they are so small they might go by mail for reasonable $.

It is a 10 mm nut

I don’t remember an “m” number.

I just remembered something

I bought the ti axle kit, so I have the old axles here in a bag on the table. There is no M number on them. They look course threaded to me, and measure 7 mm before the threads, and about 6.5 mm across the threads that hold the 10 mm nut.

Now if I only had a ti frame to go with them !:slight_smile: