Replacement Options for 24 and 29

I love my Oracle 24 for muni and I am selling my 29er because I just don’t use it much. If I want to go fast I use my 36, and with muni I prefer more technical stuff, which my 24 handles well.

However, I have a small house and the unicycles are taking over. I was wondering if the Oregon 26 could handle muni duties as well as or better than the 24. I could then sell the 24 get the Oregon and have one less uni.

I think I calculated that with spirit cranks the Oregon wouldn’t way much more than my Oracle 24. Is that right?

Does anyone use the new Oregon for general muni, replacing the 24 and 29? I know munimag is in love with this uni and after years of riding the 29er has said the Oregon is now his go-to uni.

Another thing I like about the 24 is the ability to hop up rocks if necessary, is the Oregon too bulky to do this kind of riding? The Oracle 24 is no light-weight, due to the tire I guess. But the small wheel sort of compensates in terms of agility.

Some people say the Oregon is a niche unicycle, good for mud, sand, snow etc. Others, esp. ones with the newer version of the Oregon, say it’s a great all-around muni machine.

In particular, I’d like to know if anybody has been in a similar situation and what their experience is. Did you prefer your 24 for muni and replace it with the Oregon?

Another thing I like about the 24 is the style of riding it encourages. I like messing around with my trials in the city and I like similar kind of riding on the trail. I like to have the confidence to hop stuff just for fun, which I feel much more confident doing on my 24 than the bigger 29. The Oregon could replace the 24 and 29 perhaps but I still want that confidence to be able to ride creatively. Not sure if that big old tire encourages that…

Terry, I see you made this video, so perhaps you can go in to detail about how the two unis feel?

I would think the Oracle 26 would be a better solution than the Oregon 26.

The 26er Oregon is considerably heavier, but also a more “plush” ride and the 3.8 Larry rolls over everything, and takes drops well, especially with the LM rim supporting it. The Larry does tend to “self steer” which can make it a challenge to stay on your line.

By stark contrast, the 24" Oracle is much more of a straight forward MUni. It’s lighter aluminum frame and standard 3.0 tire and lighter rim make it more maneuverable and responsive on trails, both XC and technical. Both are great unis, and both are fun to ride. The Oregon would be the choice for snow/sand for sure!

Thanks. I do love my Oracle24/137mm crank combo. I’ll stick with that. Someday, maybe when they stop making 24" Duros, I’ll move to the KH26 and consider a geared hub.

My Schlumpf 26er made my KH 29er totally irrelevant for trail riding, since it’s faster in high than a 36er, and maneuves and climbs better in 1:1 than the 29er. So I built a new 700c wheel for my 29er and it has become indispensable as a road climber and is a sheer joy to ride.