Replacement for KH seat posts that snap off

What is the seat post size needed for a 2004 KH seat post?

(the same ol 'it snapped clear off when trying to hop)

Are the new KH seatposts fixed and the same size?

Yes the '05’s are 27.2 , same as the '04’s

If you’re having trouble with the stock seatpost, the Thomson Elite is a great upgrade. Instead of buying another stock one, try the Thomson. I’ve paid a couple dollars less than this depending on how hard I search, but here’s a quick one:


Thanks, it’s not for me, it’s for a kid in the club, his seat post snapped today during the parade…as he was hopping over the very last line in the parade, he snapped it just as I was dismounting the giraffe :slight_smile:

just make ur self one out of steel at ur shcool in welding class…